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Yesteryear Stars

Trying to ape the celebs comes naturally to us when it comes to fashion and diet. Hoping to achieve an enviable figure by eating right is perfectly okay but trying to follow diets that are neither nutritious nor tasty will only make you angry with yourself. While the present day celebs do give in to fad diets  that are not practical, the trend had been evident back in the good old days of Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe as well. So give up your dreams of looking like idols of yesteryears and start thinking ‘Today and Now’. Read on to see why I’m so vehemently opposed to imitating the legendary star diets.


Yesteryear Stars & Their Diets 

You might come across their diets in books or old newspaper clippings but the food culture has definitely undergone a change now which will only make you find the food extremely unappetizing as well as unhealthy. Here is a look at a few legendary stars and their food habits.


  • Elizabeth Taylor

Liz Taylor

The lady that most men swooned over did not actually eat healthy. Imagine having dry toast for breakfast and then sustaining oneself on peanut butter  & steak sandwiches throughout the day. Add to that the yucky mix of cottage cheese  and sour cream and you will be staring at saturated fat loaded foods which were eaten at the wrong hours of day.


  • Maria Callas

​Maria Callas

The famous opera singer would have made you squirm if you could just witness her eating her meals. Legend had it that she once swallowed a tapeworm simply to lose weight. Of course her biographer refuted it later but the soprano stretched her limits when it came to losing weight. Thyroid hormone extracts and an excess of iodine did manage to keep her figure good but she lost her health as a result.


  • Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

The Diva that enthralled her audience with her innocent face and exemplary histrionics is remembered fondly to this day. But what about her diet? Can you follow it with success? Her slim, almost boyish figure was kept in shape by fruits and vegetables. You certainly can try that. Pasta  and dark chocolate  were also included in her diet but there was virtually no protein.  It’s no wonder that she managed to keep her waif like figure as her muscles didn’t get enough nutrition. Do steer clear of such a diet if you want to remain healthy.


  • Marilyn Monroe

​Marilyn Monroe

The lady who had the world at her feet and then threw it away was considered to be an unhealthy eater. “I don’t think so” she said in an interview back in 1952. Let us see why she thinks that she ate healthy. Her breakfast, the most important meal of the day consisted of two raw eggs stirred vigorously in a glass of milk. Don’t you think it is a bit lopsided and unbalanced? Where are the carbs and vitamins? Besides, the raw eggs are likely to be a source of bacterial contamination . So Beware!


  • Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando

Termed as the ‘most sexiest man’ of the 60’s, Marlon Brando ruled the world. But he wasn’t quite concerned about what he ate as he kept grabbing boxes of junk food, jar full of peanut butter and numerous cinnamon buns  all washed down by quarts and quarts of milk. Huge breakfast containing sausages , cereal, eggs, pancakes , cream helped to appease his hunger but made him go on crazy crash diets too, especially when he felt he was putting on weight. Do admire him for his talent but shun his kind of diet if you are thinking along the lines of health and nutrition.


It is better to consult with a professional nutritionist instead of blindly following a starry diet. It would certainly help you to check out your body type, find out your strengths and weaknesses, and then formulate your diet based on what you need. Being a celeb is not essential but being healthy is. Just remember to love yourself and you will find yourself to be happily tucking into meals that are both healthy as well as tasty. Bon Appétit!


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The Perils Of Following Yesteryear Celeb Diets