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Bared! Marisa Tomei’s Diet Plan For That Bare-Worthy Flawless Figure

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Television, Film and stage actress Marisa Tomei well known for her role in 'My Cousin VInny' believes in eating healthy. Her diet is well thought of; it is a mixture of vegetables, fresh fruits, lean proteins and whole grains which helped her in her latest movie "The Wrestler" she plays an aging stripper. Let's find how she manages to have that incredibly enviable figure even at the age of 45!



Marisa Tomei's Daily Diet Plan

Marisa begins her day with a fresh cup of warm lime water “It may take me a little longer to get going than other people, but this just feels really cleansing in the morning,” says Marisa. For breakfast she eats boiled eggs with a little olive oil drizzled on it or granola and fresh berries with yogurt.


 “I find that protein wakes up my brain and gets me ready for the rest of my day,” she says. Marisa keeps some snacks handy usually the ones which are high in protein. “I’m a person who has to eat! I graze every few hours,” she admits.


Fresh Fruits


Marisa loves to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables. “I love being outside and getting fresh air,”. "And it’s not just about buying local, fresh food, which then, of course, translates into healthy things for your body and your skin. It’s also about being part of the community and looking the people in the eye who have grown that food. All of these connections add to the vibrancy of life.” says Marisa.


Marisa is so much into healthy food that she once served carrot and leek soup to a reporter who came to interview her for a magazine.


Marisa Follows Low Carb Diet

While preparing for her role in “The Wrestler, “she claims she went on a diet which was low in carbohydrates. She avoided pasta for a month, in that case she must have stayed away from all the other foods high in carbohydrates  like bread, white rice and refined flour. This diet surely worked wonders for her. Her toned body and a great figure in the movie bears testimony to that.


Besides a healthy diet Marisa practices yoga and meditation. “There’s such a sense of freedom,” she says. “It’s not like jogging, where you’re working on your exterior. It’s about feeling the interior and being at home in your body. Movement is truly transformative!”


Follow her diet to get that great body. All you need to do is to bunk that junk! Bid farewell to your pizza, burgers and those tempting French fries (I agree it is hard to resist) and replace them with whole grains and fresh fruits. Go for it !



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Bared! Marisa Tomei’s Diet Plan For That Bare-Worthy Flawless Figure