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Boy Next Door To Greek God- Ben Affleck’s Special Diet

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Known for his roles in Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and Chasing Amy, film maker, director, and actor Ben Affleck went on a strict diet for his look in his new movie "The Town". Ben Affleck is very dedicated to his work outs and diet. His trainer is impressed by his single minded determination. All the hard work has made him totally drool worthy. Let’s unravel the secret behind his lean and muscular look.


Ben’s Diet Plan

Besides a tough workout routine Ben pays special attention to every detail of his diet. For his role in” The Town” he has strictly followed his dieting rules. He avoids late night snacks which helps him stay away from those extra calories. Ben says “lay off the Bread.” Bread is made of refined flour which has no nutrition.” Eat your water “is what Ben believes in. What he means by that is you should eat food which is high in water content, doing that  will make you feel fuller for a longer time without adding any extra calories to your body.




Ben’s Diet Breakdown

Ben had to eat food specific to his workout to get sculpt his body.Ben’s Diet consists of 45 percent of carbohydrates, 35 percent of protein and 20 percent of essential fats.


He gets his Carbohydrates  from


Proteins from

  • Lean Sirloin Steak
  • Chicken breast
  • Turkey Breast
  • Wild Salmon  
  • Egg whites and sometimes yolk.


Fats from



Ben Affleck’s diet is balanced and very specific to his needs. It is wholesome and has more carbohydrates than protein. If you want to follow his diet you will have to choose your food accordingly. You can have a sculpted body like his if you show the same dedication. With an inspiration like this you will surely like to give it a go!



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Boy Next Door To Greek God- Ben Affleck’s Special Diet