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The Original He Man Arnold Schwarzenegger’s King-size Diet Plan

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Arnold Swhwarzenegger the quintessential bodybuilder who has ruled the roost in 70s has the brawns to die for! Let’s have a look at his diet plan and find out how he got all that muscle.


Arnold’s Diet




Arnold has been bodybuilding since a very young age. His diet helped him gain all the bulk. He believed mostly in having whole food “Bread was poison” he said. He believed that natural foods are any day more digestible than cooked food. He believed majorly in having food in its raw form. Back in his body building days Arnold needed 5000 calories per day for his huge frame. He ate several times a day. The meals which he ate were full of proteins. He advised eating 30 to 50 gm of proteins in each meal. This has to be done every 3 hours. Protein is essential for muscle building so it was predominant in his diet.


Following this high protein diet helped Arnold gain all that muscle mass. His dieting pattern was more or less consistent as a result of which he did not lose muscle neither gained fat.


Arnold’s Tips for Bodybuilders


  1. Eat many small meals in a day
  2. Replenish the body with carbs ½ an hour after exercising.
  3. Take rest for 3 days in a week
  4. Sleep for at least 8 hours in a day.
  5. Do not avoid unsaturated fats
  6. Eat chicken and fish instead of beef and pork
  7. Do not eat too much sugar
  8. Take supplements and drink protein shakes to get adequate amount of proteins.


Arnold’s Meal Breakdown


  • Eggs -3 preferably poached or any other style
  • ¼ pound of meat, fowl, fish or cheese
  • 8 ounces of whole milk
  • 1 or 2 whole grain slices of bread toast with butter.


  • Half a pound meat, fowl, fish or cheese
  • Whole grain slices of bread with butter.
  • 8 ounces of whole milk.
  • A piece of fresh fruit.


  • Half a pound meat, fish, fowl or cheese
  • Boiled or baked sweet potato  or white potato
  • Raw Salad


In addition to this Arnold drinks his protein shake at night. Some fruit or sandwich can also be eaten in between meals.


If it is possible for you to digest that humongous quantity of food, by all means follow his diet or else simply admire his muscles!


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The Original He Man Arnold Schwarzenegger’s King-size Diet Plan