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Lady Naomi Watts’s Royal Diet Plan

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Naomi Watt


Naomi Watt, the Academy Award nominee is very particular when it comes to her diet. It is mainly about eating specific meals which can keep the hormones in sync. Her meals have 40 percent of carbohydrates 30 percent of fat and 30 percent of proteins.


Naomi Watts’s Diet


Naomi’s diet was designed by a popular biochemist Barry sears .Barry thinks that the food consumed should control the insulin production within our body. It should provide hormonal balance and every meal or snack that Naomi eats is distributed in that manner. This diet helps Naomi’s body to function well. In one day Naomi consumes 600 calories including 100 calories for the snacks.


Naomi eats a lot of fresh green leafy vegetables, lots of proteins, fresh fruits and nuts. She also makes it a point to drink 8 glasses of water in a day. She is very particular about not eating processed food with preservatives because they have very high content of salt.


Princess Naomi’s Meal Breakdown


Her breakfast lis wholesome and consists of one omelet made of egg whites with asparagus teamed with slow cooked oats and strawberries.  

Lunch is fresh fruits with chicken salad which is grilled and drizzled with vinegar and olive oil. Mid-afternoon snack consists of fresh pineapple and low fat cottage cheese. Dinner contains lots of assorted vegetables which are steamed paired with salmon. For dessert mixed berries helps her satisfy her craving for something sweet.

Naomi insists that she has lost most of her post pregnancy fat by breastfeeding her baby. As breastfeeding can make a woman lose up to 500 calories a day. Along with a healthy diet Naomi works out at the gym and also practices Pilates to strengthen her core.

Naomi eats a lot of fresh fruits laden with antioxidants to keep her skin glowing.




Naomi’s diet is mainly portion control which has specific portion of carbohydrates, fat and proteins .Though it might not be possible for you to distribute or plan your diet so specifically, it is good to include all the three in your each meal for a balanced diet. If you  try Naomi’s diet and fitness routine with a balanced approach you can also have a body like hers!


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Lady Naomi Watts’s Royal Diet Plan