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Heart Throb Zac Efron’s Diet

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Zac's fitness and diet routine has transformed him from a lanky teenager to a toned and muscular man. Read on to find out the secret behind  Zac’s solid six packs.


Zac’s Diet Plan

Zac is very serious about his food preferences. Every morsel which goes in his mouth is well thought of. He thinks before he eats. Zac does not get carried away by the fact that since he is a teenager he can afford to eat all those burgers, chips, beer or burritos which has high carbohydrates and fat content.He follows a healthy and planned diet which consists of lean protiens,food with good carbohydrates and lots of fresh fruits. Refined flour and sugary stuff has no place in his platter.He is on a high protein diet.




Zac’s Favorite breakfast is poached eggs on wheat toast with some strawberry and banana smoothie.Zac is conscious about his calorie intake He gets all the essential calories needed but surely avoids anything extra.Efron’s favorite food is orange chicken from panda,wheat thins,and Japanese food. Cereals which he likes are Quaker oats,Granola,kashi and Honey Nut Cheerios.


Besides all this Zac follows a strict fitness regime which includes weight training, surfing, swimming, basketball and Tennis.


He talks about his favorite Santa Maria style barbecue

​"Growing up, we had a nice family dinner every night, and if we had people over, Dad would get on the grill. He is a bit of a chef, so he would always whip up something besides basic hot dogs or hamburgers. We liked trying different things, but this was a staple."


Following Zac’s routine will give you a well balanced diet with right amount of proteins and carbohydrates. You can follow his diet and get that mean and lean look.


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Heart Throb Zac Efron’s Diet