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Bad Boy Colin Farrell Recalls Good Diet

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Colin Farrell adopts a brand new diet to get a healthier body. He admits that he is not getting a major kick out of following these healthy diets and that being a bad boy works for him anytime. Let’s find out about Colin's bad and good food habits.


Colin’s Diet

“I don’t put the same level of energy into healthy living as I did into unhealthy living. I put an enormous amount of energy into destruction of my body and if I put the same amount into treating my body in a positive way that too would end up being a sickness."

“But I eat really well, Drink loads of green tea, and take loads of vitamins”. The actor said in an interview.



Colin was motivated by one of his favorite shows on television ‘The Biggest Loser.’ When people that size can lose weight and get healthy again, it is possible for anyone," he told. “I ate lots of greens and chicken, I didn’t order dessert for four months. I stayed off the sugar and got myself on the treadmill. It’s just discipline and not that hard when you apply the science to it." Colin reveals.


For a role of a photo journalist who returns home from a dangerous assignment Collin followed a dangerous diet. He lost 441bs ( by eating two tins of tuna a day, had drinks full of caffeine to boost his energy levels. He confesses that the diet was not healthy. “It was kind of depressing,” he said.


“For a short space of time, it was grand. It was just calorie counting wasn't a particularly healthy way of doing it.”Putting the weight back on wasn’t quite as difficult, however. “I just ate like a pig,” said Colin.


During the shoot of one of his movies Colin broke all the rules.He rented a car in Georgia and went looking for some good place to gorge.


Farell finally found his place which had as edge above the rest "There was a placed called Nic's in Oklahoma that did a mean cheeseburger ." He said.

He also admits that eating those food was not very good idea as it bloated him  and he gained around 15 pounds in 11 days. ... By the end of it, I had a belly button like a compact disc, It was unbelievable." admits Farrell


Colin’s Favorite Drink Recipe


Frogster Drink Recipe 

  •  1 1/2 oz  Blue Curacao
  •   Orange Juice
  •  1 oz  Tequila
  •  8 oz  Ice

Mix all the ingredients in a tall glass filled with ice.


Farrell had an erratic lifestyle where drugs and booze took priority over nutritious diet but now his ways are mended .Green Tea and lots of greens and vitamins seems like a good diet that you can follow.


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Bad Boy Colin Farrell Recalls Good Diet