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Lindsay Lohan’s Infamous Liquid Diet

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“The Mean Girls” Star, Lindsay Lohan, has invoked strong responses among her fraternity with her mean diets and has drawn enough flak from the media for the same. Rumor has it that she has also been surviving on cantaloupes and fruit juice.


Lindsay’s Diet Plan

One of Lindsay’s scandalous diet plans were diet coke and cigarettes!


Lindsay’s fanatical diets have also been ridiculed by celebrities like Lady Gaga . She was taken aback by the food that Lindsay ordered once when they were out for dinner. Lady Gaga made her the butt of her joke by posting a picture of a cucumber and a knife and writing a caption which said “how much could one do with this arrangement.”




When questioned about her diet Lindsay often says that she counts on sticking to fruits and vegetables when it comes to losing weight.Lindsay is also very fond of peanut butter , sushi  and jelly sandwich. She says she eats healthy and avoids carbohydrates and sugar. She limits and restrains the portion of food. Kombucha  helps her to stay thin. To boost her metabolism she counts on kombucha tea which is made from a Japanese mushroom. According to her this tea also helps her to avoid the formation of cellulites. Lindsay also exercises seven days a week and two hours every day.


Lindsay’s Mean Meal Breakdown


  • Breakfast  - One banana plus vegetables plus 2 to 3 egg whites.
  • Lunch- Chicken or ham with tomato and lettuce, three slices of turkey
  • Snack- one apple or two hard boiled eggs
  • Dinner- One cup of vegetables and salmon fillet which is cooked  with one tablespoon of  olive oil.
  • Snack- One frozen fruit bar.

All this comes to approximately 700 to 800 calories.


If you lose weight in a drastic way it will lead to complications. The body should not be deprived of the important nutrients which it needs to function well. The diet followed by Lindsay will not  provide you with enough calories.The other diets which Lindsay has been allegedly following is something which you should never resort to. The results of the diets which include only liquid intake will only give temporary results.


You should have to have a balanced diet laden with all the nutrients accompanied by a decent exercise regime instead of aping Lindsay if you want to remain healthy.


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Lindsay Lohan’s Infamous Liquid Diet