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Kourtney’s Post Pregnancy Diet Helps Her Keep Up With The Kardashians

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Kourtney got back into shape with her new diet within just four months of delivering her baby. During pregnancy, Kourtney did not follow any strict diet plan. "I am just trying to keep food down” is what she said.


The Diet Plan

The star claims that she had less unhealthy cravings during her pregnancy days. Unlike her first pregnancy days this time she chose to have more of bland food.



“I like more of fruits and cold smoothies” she said. She also said she is just eating whatever she can tolerate.The diet after pregnancy mainly included salads and more natural foods. According to her avoiding processed food is vital for losing weight. She did not fret over having occasional treats like peanut butter. She believes you should allow yourself to indulge once in a while.



Along with this diet she also follows an exercise regime which mainly includes running along with some lunges and squats to keep her lower body in shape.


The diet which Kourtney believes is in potion control which means having small and limited amount of food in your plate. As a matter of fact though Kourtney keeps sugary stuff at bay she says “I can eat Oreo but only two instead of a whole box”.With all her reality shows going high definition she believes that eating well is not only good to keep her in shape but also to keep her skin glowing.


Additinonal Tips From Kourtney:

1.Do not eat before bedtime as the extra fat gets stored in the body   .           

2.She also believes that skipping breakfast is no big deal

3. Having a glass of water when hungry is also a trick to postpone the hunger 


The portion control diet and having lots of water to replenish the body with lost fluids can be good for the body.Portion control also gives you the liberty to have that cookie or a small piece of cake once in a while.However; if you are inspired to follow Kourtney’s diet skipping breakfast may not work for you as a healthy intake of food fuels our body for the day.


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Kourtney’s Post Pregnancy Diet Helps Her Keep Up With The Kardashians