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Is Protein Powder SAFE for Teenagers?

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How often have you heard questions like this? For me I get them every single day, sometimes several times a day. For some weird F-ed up reason society in general thinks that if something can help you become stronger, leaner, and more athletic then it has to be "BAD For You".

I think this misconception stems from the fact that steroids can increase strength and athletic performance and steroids also have harmful side effects. But healthy foods, supplements, and protein powders are NOT Steroids.

Protein is required by all living organisms on the face of the earth. It is NOT Dangerous or harmful. In fact, whey protein is even found in BABY FORMULA. So if protein is safe enough for the smallest and most fragile human being in the world, a baby, I think it's safe enough for teenagers and adults to use as well.

Is protein powder safe for teenager? This is a frequently asked question by parents who want to incorporate protein substitute to their child’s daily diet. Lee Hayward is sharing his ideas through this video, and answering all our questions related to protein intake. So, watch this video and encourage your child towards a healthy active lifestyle.

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Is Protein Powder SAFE For Teenagers? Video