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3 Day Raw Food Diet Plan

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Raw food diet planOne can define raw food diet as a food plan where you try to eliminate as much of cooked or processed food from your diet as possible, so that at least 75% of your food is raw, unprocessed, and preferably fresh. One might choose to follow this diet for 3 days to gauge their readiness to convert to the raw food lifestyle, to benefit from the detoxifying effects of the diet, or to fast track their present weight loss program. Whatever be the motive for choosing this diet, the meal plan leaves one with immense health benefits at the end of the diet program.





Benefits of following the Raw food diet

1.Promote body detoxification

Almost all processed foods contain some amount of additives, which in the long run douse the body with potentially dangerous chemicals. Raw food diet attempts to do away with all these chemicals and instead fill the system with “live” foods, i.e. food with active enzymes which have high antioxidant levels and helps detoxification of the body.


2.Weight management

It is virtually impossible to gain weight on a raw food diet! Most fats and oils are a product of high heat processing, hence, restricted in this diet. The only sources of fat are in form of nuts, oil seeds, and meat/dairy products, which contain fats in highly emulsified form. The carbohydrates too come with a healthy mix of simple and complex sugars. As a results, this diet is low in calories, yet filling due to the high fiber content. These actions together promote weight loss.


3.Balanced diet

Unlike other so called “detox diets” that promote just a single food group, the raw food diet is a balanced diet and allows one to experiment with a variety of food groups. Hence, is more healthy and allows for better meal planning.


4.Enhances immunity

Cooking destroys most of the nutrients in food; eating raw, helps in getting maximum vitamins and minerals from all foodstuff. Moreover, raw foods are rich in live enzymes, which further help enhance immune system of our body.


However, one must understand that the 3 day raw food diet is a controlled diet plan and if not planned properly can lead to deleterious effects. To help you at this task here is a sample 3 day meal plan:


Day 1:

Breakfast (8.00am) – Whole fruit compote with organic raw milk

Snack (11.00am) – 1 cup melons

Lunch (1.30 pm) – Organic wholemeal pizza (50% raw) with toppings of choice.

Snack (5.00 pm) – Carrot sticks

Dinner (8.00 pm) – Raw zucchini pasta with tomato basil pesto (raw)

Snack (10.00 pm) – 1 cherry apple


Day 2:

Breakfast (8.00am) – 1 large banana sliced with 2 teaspoon roasted nuts

Snack (11.00am) – 1 cup berries

Lunch (1.30 pm) – Whole-wheat pita bread with salad green and feta cheese filling.  

Snack (5.00 pm) – Sweet pepper sticks  

Dinner (8.00 pm) – Soaked whole grains with avocado salad and Brussel sprouts

Snack (10.00 pm) – Any stone fruits


Day 3:

Breakfast (8.00am) – 12 oz fruit and coconut water smoothie topped with nuts

Snack (11.00am) – 1 cup cut melon  

Lunch (1.30 pm) – Cooked rice with shredded chicken and raw pepper salad.

Snack (5.00 pm) – Cucumber sticks

Dinner (8.00 pm) – Spinach and carrot soup (cold), nori wraps with raw filling

Snack (10.00 pm) – 1 whole peach


The above plan is just a sample plan. You can personalize the same by using raw food substitutes of your choice. However, do ensure that the substitutes will not douse you with more calories than what is recommended. If followed properly, this diet will provide 1100kcals and enough protein on each day.


Tips to personalize the diet plan

If you wish to follow this diet for more than 3 days or would want to personalize the diet plan here is are a few general instructions that will help you do so:

  • Carbohydrates: At least 50% of your total food should be in form of carbs. Vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, legumes, and nuts all are good sources of carbohydrates.


  • Protein: Nuts, seeds, legumes, soya, and beans are other good sources of protein; have at least 2 to 4 servings per day. Remember to sprout or germinate them to enable better nutrient absorption. One can include 1 serving of unprocessed dairy products, whole eggs, and meat for increased protein needs.
  • Fats: Raw food diet as mentioned earlier is naturally low in fat content. The sources of fat include nuts, seeds, dairy products, eggs, and raw meat, which are already included as a part of protein foods.
  • Vitamins and minerals: Eating raw helps in getting maximum vitamins and minerals from all foodstuff and nutrient deficiencies are rarely observed. However, if the quantity of food required to meet you daily allowances bothers you, try blending or juicing green leafy veggies, fruits, and other vegetables.   
  • Cooked foods: Only 75% of the total food needs to be raw, and you are allowed to include small quantities of cooked foods.


raw pasta with pestoTips and instructions for a successful regimen:

  • Stick to the time slots given and do not eat anything post 10.00 pm
  • Do not skip any meal. Always follow the 3 hour rule (i.e. have something to eat everything 2 to 3 hours.)
  • You are allowed just 2 servings of cooked or processed foods in a day. Do not include high sodium and/or high fat foods in these 2 servings
  • The cooked food serving must be consumed either for lunch or breakfast, and never for dinner.
  • Follow the rule of palm for portion sizes; i.e, any serving you have must not be bigger than your palm. It is a fair enough guide to help you not overeat.
  • Although uncooked, avoid fat laden salad dressings, dairy products, caffeine, coffee, and tea, throughout the diet regimen.
  • Certain foods like buckwheat, alfalfa, raw eggs, pork, cassava, apricot kernels, and kidney beans are better avoided in the raw form due to the possible presence of toxins and/or pathogens.
  • People with hypothyroidism or thyro-toxic disorders must not consume raw cruciferous vegetables.  
  • Remember to consume all foods whole i.e., do not skin or peel it, this way you get all the fibres trapped in the skin.
  • Salt and pepper can be used with your meals. But, keep the amounts of salt to the minimum.
  • Drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day.



Contraindications for Raw food diet


  • Like most lifestyle related diets, raw food diet is generally considered safe for most people. However, since this diet is intrinsically low in calories and rich in fibers, it may not be recommended for people suffering from chronic digestive disorders like IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), people with increased calorie needs, and those suffering from protein energy malnutrition.


  • People with compromised liver/kidney health, and metabolic disorders must follow the raw food diet under medical supervision.


  • It is generally not considered safe for people following neutropenic diet (diet prescribed to those suffering from neutropenia and/or undergoing certain cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, post organ transplant, etc.)


Last but most important no diet can eliminate the virtues of an all round healthy lifestyle and ample physical activity. Exercising (a minimum of 20mins/day) is essential for any experiencing the benefits of this diet.



Image credits: raw-food-repair, theveganfoodie.wordpress

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3 Day Raw Food Diet Plan