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3 Day Vegetable Diet Plan

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Vegetable PyramidA vegetable diet or “All vegetable diet” to be precise is a meal plan that aims to eliminate all food groups other than vegetables from the diet. This is considered as a “fad 3 day diet,” which if not planned well can lead to nutrient deficiencies. However, a well planned 3 day all vegetable diet can leave a person feeling rejuvenated, fast track one’s weight loss program, and bring about several other lasting health benefits. This diet is recommended for those suffering from mild digestive disturbances, as a weight loss start up plan, for those stuck in weight loss plateau, or as a simple detox diet.

Benefits of Vegetable diet

1.Increase in BMR

Vegetables like beets, green leaves, gourds, squashes, etc. are a rich source of phyto-nutrients and antioxidant compounds. These food components work upon the body to increase BMR (basal metabolic rate). Moreover, unlike other food group based “detox diets” , vegetables includes a vast variety of foods, from roots, tubers, stems, stalks, leaves, and few fruits. This allows one to consume the minimal amounts of protein needed for daily body activities.

2.Drop in body fat percentage

The Vegetable diet, if planned properly, is typically low in calories, providing around 1000 kcals max per day. Moreover, vegetables as such are low fat foods. As a result, the body is forced to mobilize the stored energy resources, with fat being the more favored over protein. This act in the long run helps reduce body fat percentage.

3.Curbs unhealthy cravings

Fiber rich foods have a high satiety value, which makes one feel full for a longer time after meals. Moreover, the presence of starchy foods like roots and tubers, and minimal amounts of protein in the diet helps stabilize the blood sugar levels. Research shows that hunger and blood sugar fluctuations are the major reasons for unhealthy snacking and sugar craving, thus the protein diet helps establish healthy eating patterns.

4.Promote body detoxification

Modern medicines and research too has suggested that several vegetables help detoxify the system and endow the body with several disease fighting benefits. For instance, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. are natural toxin neutralizers, alliums like onions and garlic are antimicrobial agents, potatoes are anti inflammatory, and carrots are potent antioxidants.

5.Helps prevent chronic diseases

Countless studies have shown the benefits of regular consumption of vegetables in preventing chronic diseases lifestyle induced diseases like Cardio vascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, GI cancers, and inflammatory diseases. Certain vegetables like white potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and beetroots are purported to help heal inflamed liver and provide relief from symptoms of chronic hepatitis.

However, one must understand that the 3 day all vegetable diet is a strictly controlled diet plan and proper meal planning is the key to experiencing the benefits of the diet. An over emphasis upon any single type of vegetable can have deleterious effects on the body. To help you at this task here is a sample 3-day meal plan:

SaladDay 1:

Breakfast (8.00 am) – 1 serving baked potatoes with 12-fl.oz tomato juice (sugar free)

Snack (11.00 am) – Carrot sticks

Lunch (1.30 pm) – Cold cucumber soup with caramelized alliums (onions, shallots, and garlic)

Snack (5.00 pm) – Mixed salad greens

Dinner (8.00 pm) – 1 serving zucchini noodle pasta with basil pesto topping

Snack (10.00 pm) – 1 small serving pumpkin juice (sugar free)

Day 2:

Breakfast (8.00 am) – 1 large green banana (baked) with 12-fl.oz mint and lemon juice

Snack (11.00 am) – Cucumber sticks

Lunch (1.30 pm) –1 serving of cabbage soup with baked aubergines and papaya salsa

Snack (5.00 pm) – Mixed herbs salad

Dinner (8.00 pm) – Assorted young beans (boiled) with pickled artichoke hearts.

Snack (10.00 pm) – 1 small serving beet juice (sugar free)

Day 3:

Breakfast (8.00 am) –1 sweet potato (baked) with 12-fl.oz wheat grass juice

Snack (11.00 am) – Young radish sticks

Lunch (1.30 pm) – green onion and pumpkin soup with Brussels sprouts and Fennel

Snack (5.00 pm) – Beet and carrot greens with pickles

Dinner (8.00 pm) – Celery and celeriac bisque (dairy free) with baked broccolini

Snack (10.00 pm) – 1 small serving hot pepper juice (sweet peppers, cucumber, honey)

Baked potatoThe above plan is just a sample plan. You can personalize the same by using vegetable substitutes of your choice. However, do ensure that the substitutes will not douse you with more starch than what is recommended. If followed properly, this diet will provide approximately 800 to 1000 kcals per day.

Tips and instructions for a successful regimen:

  • Stick to the time slots given and do not eat anything post 10.00 pm
  • Do not skip any meal. Always follow the 3 hour rule (i.e. have something to eat everything 2 to 3 hours.)
  • Follow the rule of palm for portion sizes; i.e., any serving you have must not be bigger than your palm. It is a fair enough guide to help you not overeat.
  • Starchy foods must be eaten only before 4.00pm. Go for lighter vegetables with high water content post evening.
  • If hungry between meals you can have some pepper, celery, fennel soup.
  • Avoid salad dressings, dairy, caffeine, coffee, tea, alcohol, colas, starches, cooked vegetables, fats, and all sweets throughout the diet regimen.
  • Herbs, salt, and pepper can be used with your meals.
  • Drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day.
  • Following the diet with light exercises and activity is essential to see lasting results on weight loss regimen.

Contraindications for Fruit diet

  • This diet is not recommended for people with known metabolic disorders, compromised kidney and/or liver health, and pregnant or lactating females.

  • Since, there is a remote chance of vitamin deficiency; it is recommended that people with a history of pernicious anemia, osteoporosis, or any other deficiency disorder consult a doctor for suitable supplements before starting the detox program.

  • To get all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that a body needs, one must eat a wide variety of fruit.

  • Since, this diet provides minimal protein, people with increased protein needs and those suffering from any wasting disorders must not follow this diet plan.

Last but most important this diet is planned for a short span Detox or start up program for weight loss and it must NOT be followed for more than 3 days.

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3 Day Vegetable Diet Plan