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Sally Pearson- Focus On Diet And Fitness For The Gold

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Sally Pearson Wins Gold

It was a proud moment for Australia as Olympian Sally Pearson overcame all obstacles to win the 100 m hurdles finals. Sally owes it all to her focus on fitness and diet that were her top priority as she prepared for the Olympics. Hurdlers need to have immense stamina to perform well from the start of the game till the finish. This blog looks at the diet and nutrition must do's for gold medalists such as Sally Pearson.



A High Calorie, Nutrient Rich Diet


Diet for a hurdler

A high energy diet that is well balanced in carbohydrates, proteins and fats is ideal. The majority of the calories should be from carbohydrates, which is the most important fuel source for the body. Vitamins, minerals and fiber should also be present in sufficient amounts. Small frequent meals are recommended instead of 3 large meals. Small snacks should be eaten in between to keep the digestive system healthy and provide small bursts of glucose.




Ideal Diet For A Female Hurdler

Oats Bread

  • Carbohydrates- They top the list in the most important nutrients for a hurdler. Carbohydrates are divided into 2 main types, simple and complex. Table sugar is one example of a simple carbohydrate which is quickly converted to glucose molecules in the blood. Complex carbohydrates on the other hand that are present in fruits, vegetables and whole grains take much longer to get digested, They are ideal for athletes as the slow release of glucose helps them have better strength and stamina.



  • Proteins- There are needed for growth of new muscle cells and repair and recovery of the one that have worn out. The protein requirement of a female hurdler is only slightly higher than normal. Proteins are best obtained from meat, dairy, poultry, beans and lentils and the need for supplements does not arise in a well nourished athlete. For protein to be utilized in the most efficient manner, it should always be combined with carbohydrates in a meal.



  • Fats- They are important as they supply the body with essential fatty acids that are needed to maintain health. Fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin D are only absorbed in the presence of sufficient oil in the food consumed. 20 - 25 g of fat a day can be taken. 



  • Fluids- The right hydration status is important for elite athletes who spend many hours a day for practice and exercise. They have to make up for their fluid losses on a daily basis to prevent dehydration. A combination of plain water and energy drinks is ideal. Drinking too much water at a stretch will result in bloating and increase discomfort in a hurdler. Small sips should be taken regularly.



Sally Pearson's Dietary Patterns


  • As she trains 6 days a week, she gives great attention to what she eats in order to stay fit. She is naturally a big eater, and has now reduced her portion size on days she is competing. She eats small well balanced meals with snacks in between.


  • Eating a bowl of cereal in the morning is how Sally begins her day. This is rich in complex carbohydrates and the perfect glucose rich meal for an athlete.



  • Lunch usually comprises of a mixed vegetable salad along with a sandwich. This gives her much required minerals like iron and potassium. Dinner is a very simple meal consisting of mainly meat. It is combined either with a salad or stir fried vegetables.



  • Snacks are whole fruits that supply the body with carbohydrates along with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Bananas are the fruits she eats most often.



  • Her favorite meal is spaghetti which she loves to have at any given day, but limits it when she is nearing a game. She has also given up pastries and refined breads as they are not at all healthy. 


Sally Pearson's dedicated diet and fitness schedule has helped her win the evasive gold. She is the true queen of the track, thanks to her effort and hardwork.


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Sally Pearson- Focus On Diet And Fitness For The Gold