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The Juice Diet or rather Juice Fast Diet, which is usually followed for 3 days, is a popular detoxification diet plan. It is aimed at cleansing the body by minimizing digestive processes and diverting the metabolic energy wholly towards detoxification of the body organs. This diet involves cutting out all solid foods and only consuming raw fruit and vegetable juices with no additives. This is essentially a modern day version of the centuries old “fasting meal plan” followed by Greeks and Indians. It is recommended for those who lead a high stress (mental and physical) lifestyle and those who are regularly exposed to pollutants and other environmental toxins.


Benefits of following the juice diet

Although, not yet conclusively proven through research, proponents of this plan believe that following the diet for 3 days provides one with the following benefits


1. Digestive tract cleansing

Juices need minimal digestion; as a result, the entire tract is essentially flushed and watered down for 3 days. This helps to rest the system, accelerates rejuvenation, and improves digestion post the detox. Several maladies like constipation, chronic diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, and certain food allergies are minimized or eliminated by this diet.


2. Free radical cleansing

Both fruits and raw vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Moreover, since the ingredients are all raw, fresh, and sans any additives the trace elements are least destroyed. Thus, the diet can help reduce the risk of developing several inflammatory diseases like cancer, arthritis, age related macular disease, etc.


3. Improves immunity

The raw juices are packed with vitamins and minerals and most of these play an important role in boosting body immunity. Hence, post a juice fast, one is less likely to suffer from a bout of flu. It also helps improve skin-deep immunity and prevents acne, and other such maladies.


4. Weight loss

Even though not the primary aim of the diet, following the lowered calories for 3 days does make you lose weight. However, one should not use this as a substitute to physical activity and eating a balanced diet.

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The Diet Plan

Following a 3 day juice diet is a 3 step process – preparation, fast, and weaning off. The preparation phase starts 2 days before the actual fast, the fast lasts for 3 whole days, and weaning off involves slowly shifting back to regular food.


Day 1

Breakfast (8.00am) – 2 egg whites (any preparation), with 1 fruit and raw veggie salad

Snack (11.00am) – 1 wedge cheese

Lunch (1.30 pm) – Lean Braised Pot Roast with 1 slice bread, 1 large bowl of sprouts and vegetable salad (can add any amount od salt, pepper, and condiments, other than heavy dressings and such)

Snack (5.00 pm) – ½ cup roasted nuts

Dinner (8.00 pm) – 1 large bowl soup (without cream)

Snack (10.00 pm) – 1 small serving Kefir milk


Day 2

Breakfast (8.00am) –1 bowl fruit and raw veggie salad with pine nuts added.

Snack (11.00am) – 1 wedge cheese

Lunch (1.30 pm) – 1 large bowl of sprouts and vegetable salad (can add any amount of salt, pepper, and condiments, other than heavy dressings)

Snack (5.00 pm) – ½ cup pomegranate seeds

Dinner (8.00 pm) – 1 large bowl soup (without cream)

Snack (10.00 pm) – 1 small serving fruit cream


Juice Fast

The meal plan remains similar for each of the 3 days.

Early morning (7.00am) –5oz warm lemon water

Breakfast (8.00am) –10 oz fleshy fruit juice

Snack (11.00am) – 1 serving green coconut water / watermelon juice

Lunch (1.30 pm) – 10 oz root vegetable juice (beet, carrot, radish, etc.)

Snack (5.00 pm) – 5oz warm herbal tea / Amla water

Dinner (8.00 pm) – 1 large bowl mix vegetable and fruit juice

Snack (10.00 pm) – 1 small serving citrus fruit or salad green vegetable juice.


Weaning diet Day 1

Early morning (7.00am) –5oz warm lemon water

Breakfast (8.00am) – 10 oz fleshy fruit juice

Snack (11.00am) – 1 standard cup mixed fruit and vegetable salad with no dressing

Lunch (1.30 pm) – Low fat casserole

Snack (5.00 pm) – 1 cup sweet corn

Dinner (8.00 pm) – 1 bowl soup

Snack (10.00 pm) – 1 small cup flavored milk (1%, sugar free)


Weaning diet Day 2

Early morning (7.00am) – 5oz warm lemon water

Breakfast (8.00am) – 1 vegetable sandwich

Snack (11.00am) – 1 standard cup mixed fruit and vegetable salad with no dressing

Lunch (1.30 pm) – Smoked salmon with sweet onions and capers

Snack (5.00 pm) – 2 oz roasted nuts

Dinner (8.00 pm) – 1 serving Hummus and vegetables

Snack (10.00 pm) – 1 small cup fruit yogurt (sugar free)


Juice diet 3

You can resume your regular diet from 3rd day onwards. However, do avoid highly greasy and salty foods for a few days, a week preferably.


Tips and instructions for a successful regimen:

  • Stick to the time slots given and do not eat anything post 10.00 pm
  • Do not skip any meal. Always follow the 3 hour rule (i.e. have something to eat everything 2 to 3 hours.)
  • Drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day.
  • In case, you feel hungry between 2 meals you can drink some warm lemon water, amla water, or herbal tea.
  • If feeling giddy due to lack of solid food, but want to continue the detoxification, try nibbling on some celery or carrot sticks.
  • Do not chew gum, for this promotes secretion of digestive juices, which can lead to gastritis (acidity).
  • To get all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that a body needs, choose from wide variety of fruit and vegetables. Almost all fruits and vegetables can be juiced and consumed raw.


Who shouldn’t go on a Juice Diet

  • This diet is not recommended for people with known metabolic disorders, compromised kidney and/or liver health, pregnant or lactating females, known nutrient deficiency, low BMI (body mass index), and any muscle wasting disorder.
  • Diabetics and people with fluctuating blood glucose levels must follow this diet under medical supervision.
  • In case of mild side effects like hunger, headaches, mood swings, fatigue, body and joint pain, or vomiting, wean off from the fast, or include a few celery or carrot sticks in the diet.
  • Consult a doctor if symptoms seem to worsen.


This diet is planned for a short span detox program and must NEVER be followed for prolonged period. This is not a weight loss plan and must NOT be used as one.


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