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Karishma Kapoor’s Charismatic Diet

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Karishma Kapoor Diet Secrets

Charismatic Karishma Kapoor is on a high since the release of Dangerous Ishq. Still  svelte and charming despite her age of 38+, Karishma looked stunning, having paid considerable attention to her diet and exercise regimen. Throughout her career, Karishma has tried to maintain an hourglass figure and is attentive to fitness. Now a mother of 2, Karishma still looks every bit sexy in a bikini. Lolo has been able to carry this  off owing to her exercise and fitness training and meticulous dieting regime.



Karishma’s Food Habits

Punjabi Food

Being a Kapoor with Punjabi blood in her veins, Karishma admits to being a foodie. In her words- “People are shocked to know that I am a very typical ‘Kapoor’ in the sense that I am a big foodie. I have very bad eating habits. I used to eat biryani and chocolate cake all the time. But our (Kareena’s and mine) trainer taught us to eat right, taught us to eat every two hours, and feel fit and fantastic”.


Lolo’s goal is fitness and not being skinny as she adds: “Size zero is just a tag. Both Bebo and I work out, eat right and endorse a healthy lifestyle. Starving and craving for the size zero figure is actually very harmful to your body.”


Karishma has a lot to say as far as dieting and food habits go. Here are some excerpts from her interviews.


  • "I am a true blue-eyed Kapoor who loves to eat good food. But most definitely I eat everything in moderation and believe in balanced diet and exercise routine on a daily basis to ensure a healthy lifestyle.
  •  I drink a lot of water as it helps me stay healthy. Walking or an hour at the gym is a must at least thrice a week to keep fit.
  • Being a Punjabi, it is hard to think about strict dieting because our meals are so rich and tasty. So, like I said eating in moderation and exercise is the key to staying fit. I start my day with cereal followed by fruits in between breakfast and lunch. Lunch comprises of dale, sibs and rotes, evening snack followed by light dinner — soup and vegetables
  • Youth today are getting educative about healthy snacking. With kids, it is all about how you engage with them. Anything that is tasty attracts them; different shapes and flavors get most of their attention. Most kids love chocolate so anything with chocolate suffices the yummy taste. And, for mothers, their concern about unhealthy snacking is taken care because no one could opt for cereals made with whole grain.
  • I am always looking for options which are healthy yet tasty to ensure my daughter finishes her breakfast. Chocos made with whole grain is a perfect breakfast partner for both of us to make peace, as it assures me that she is getting something healthy in the morning.
  • Serving nutritious breakfast to children is extremely important, tiresome and difficult. Since there are many options out there, I want to take this opportunity to tell all the mothers out there do introduce your children to healthier snacks rather than junk food.
  • People seeking healthier, convenient and tasty options should start their day with cereals followed by nutritious lunch — roti, sabzi, salad and rotis, and light and early dinner.
  • Tea can refreshes one’s body and mind.
  • I eat everything and I am not choosy—that is the secret of my health. If our immunity is strong then we won’t fall ill or suffer stress”. 


Both sisters, Karishma and Kareena, share their diet charts, menu and work out-schedules with each other. Kareena claims Lolo follows her diet chart and menu to a T. Always being praised for her Size Zero tag, Karishma Kapoor declares-“ It's not a 'phenomenon', it's all about eating right, and staying fit, irrespective of size."


To conclude, Karishma feels it is all about eating right, at the correct times, and staying fit by working out that is more important than diet. Let us see if we can borrow some charisma from Karishma by following her rules.


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Karishma Kapoor’s Charismatic Diet