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Kajol Kills Her Kgs

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Kajol and her diet secrets


Having received the most -6 Film fare wards and a Padmashri, Kajol has much to flaunt including her chic figure. Let us see what Kajol has to say about her diet and eating pattern.



Kajol is a happily married Indian Celebrity with a true sense of responsibility towards home and family. She delivered her baby boy, Yug last year and has shed her baby-weight and bounced back to her normal figure. Apparently she has lost her post-pregnancy weight owing to the Western dancing lessons she took from her friend Bhavesh Gandhi. Talking on losing her post-partum weight, Kajol expresses-“I took nearly a year to get back into shape in a gradual, healthy way so I could go around doing what I wanted to rather than putting my life on hold and being hell-bent on losing weight! I followed a diet and regular workouts“.


Naturally petite, Kajol always faced the need to keep an eye on her kilos to maintain a sleek and sexy figure essential for filmdom. As a debutante in films, in1991, Kajol was apparently “plump”. Ace photographer Gautam Rajadhyaksha recalls asking her to  wait for 6 months and come back after shedding her baby-fat for her starrer film “Bekhudi” Kajol was back on dot, having shed the excess and ready to plunge into Bollywood.


Still Kajol did face some dieting challenges in her life. For her film “My name is Kahn”, her director Karan Johar asked Kajol to sculpt her shape by losing some kilos. So Kajol embarked on an Almond Diet eating only almonds to lose her weight without starving herself.


Kajol's Food and Eating Pattern

Healthy Fruits

Left to herself, Kajol would be content to munch sandwiches 3 times a day. Initially she had some trouble adjusting to the hot and spicy Punjabi food that hubby Ajay dug into. But being the foodie that she is, Kajol soon took it in her stride. And she had nothing much to regret for Ajay kept loading her with boxes of fruits when she was pregnant with her first child. Doted on by her soul-mate Ajay, Kajol has complete complacency in life.


Kajol has been known to be a candid and brutally frank person about her opinions. She is a rare, down-to-earth celebrity who does not prescribe to the ideology of dieting. Her views on the subject are admirable-“Fitness has to be a part of your life, and not take over your entire life. I control my diet as I believe I have to take care of myself. I intend to live at least till I'm 100, so I should take care as I have some 70 years to go (laughs)! Having said that, I have my regular life, I go on holidays, etc. I am obsessed with fitness, not with losing weight”.


Kajol is concerned more about fitness than dieting and prefers to work –out rather than starve herself to look good. Bravo Kajol, sound thinking on your part is bound to keep you as charismatic as always.


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Kajol Kills Her Kgs