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Maria Canals-Candid About Her Diet

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Maria Canals Diet and Lifestyle

Maria Canals is very conscious of her health and of the example she has to illustrate to her daughters with a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle. So, with her head firmly on her shoulders, Canals goes about her life, laying down simple ground rules for her diet.

In the sets of the Wizards of Waverly Place, Canals had to have breakfast on the sets with an assortment of delicious foods. Canals tackled the diet issue by following a simple technique-“I like to listen to my body. How hungry am I? What am I in the mood for? Today I had half of a breakfast burrito with bacon. A little bacon adds so much flavor and goes a long way! I don't believe in vilifying any foods. Everything in moderation is what I say, because if I really want a little bacon, 100 carrot sticks won't satisfy me! I do like to have more of the "healthy" choices, and not so much of the "empty" calories. I'll have a little of the potatoes and a lot of the salsa. Plus, half a slice of French toast is plenty! I don't have to deprive myself of tasty things when I can enjoy a smaller portion. I find this attitude to be a healthy one I can live with. I believe too much restriction can create anxiety, where you hear about people who eat a whole bag of cookies at one sitting. I think that happens because they don't allow themselves those two or three Oreos when they really wanted them!


Maria on her food choices

Maria Canals believes in eating heartily but eating right. She is not one for diets, it seems. Quoting her form an interview with her fans on Face book-“I actually don't believe in "diets." They are a temporary fix. I believe in making healthy choices as a "lifestyle." I enjoy all kinds of foods. Some considered "healthy" and some not. I believe in staying active and enjoying a variety of foods, everything in moderation.”

At 45, Mariah Canals has a crystal-clear and creamy complexion, a flawless blemish –free skin with no blemishes or scars. She attributes this to meticulous skin care, active lifestyle, clean habits and healthy diet. She takes care of her kilos and calories by eating in small rationed portions and consuming an optimum mix of lean proteins, low carbs, saturated fats, and fiber. She is a pragmatic person with a practical approach to life and diet. She takes in what she wants, but in small measure.

Genetically slim, Maria Canals believes in the small pleasures of life like a happily ever- after family, fun with her kids and doting husband and home cooking. Among her plans for the future are these- “To learn how to cook better. I love to cook, and I really want to be the best cook I can be. I know that sounds crazy, but nowadays people are so busy that they're not eating well enough. And I want my girls to be as healthy as they can be, so I'm really into cooking nutritious food for them. That's a lot to handle there.”

Atta girl, Maria! Look like you are truly a mom in every sense of the word. Maria wishes to pay attention to every detail of her diet, daughters and family. Taking care of the small things, she hopes to enjoy the big pleasure of life. Good luck to her!

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Maria Canals-Candid About Her Diet