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3 Day Fruit Diet Plan

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Fruit pyramidSeveral health practitioners consider fruit diet (more commonly as fruit flush diet) a “fad diet,”, recent evidence shows that when planned well and followed for a short span like 3 days to the max, this diet can provide a number of health benefits. Unlike the popular perception, this diet is not just about fruits, but does include small amounts of lean protein. A 3 day fruit diet is recommended for those suffering from yo-yo effect of improper weight loss regime, as a start up to weight loss programs, for those stuck in weight loss plateau, and as a simple skin detox diet.  


Benefits of following the fruit diet

1.Increase in BMR

Unlike other “detox diets” the fruit flush diet includes the minimal amounts of protein needed for the upkeep of the body. This, along with the metabolism boosting fruits like apples, berries, grape fruits, lemons, limes, oranges, and tomatoes help increase BMR and aid weight loss.

2.Drop in body fat percentage

Fruit diets are typically low in calories, providing around 1100 kcals max per day. As a result of the low calorie intake, the body is forced to mobilize the stored energy sources, with fat being more favored over protein. This small act harbingers a series of actions that leads to long time body fat percentage reduction.

3.Curbs unhealthy cravings

Fiber rich foods like whole fruits have a high satiety value, which makes one feel full for a longer time after meals. Moreover, the presence of minimal protein in the diet helps stabilize the blood sugar levels. Research shows that hunger and blood sugar fluctuations are the major reasons for unhealthy snacking and sugar craving, thus the fruit diet helps establish healthy eating patterns.

4.Promote body detoxification

Fruits are rife with several natural detoxifying agents like flavonoids, carotenes, and polyphenols. These compounds help remove and/or neutralize the toxins in the liver (the organ responsible for detoxification of the body). The simple sugars present in the fruit promote liver health, which in turn enhances the natural toxin removal process.

5.Enhances immunity

Each cup of fresh fruits provides over 50% of the daily needs for Vitamin C. along with effective antioxidants that help lower blood pressure and ensure a healthy immune system, which in turn acts towards preventing the proliferation pathogenic organisms – a necessity in the world plagued with flus, colds, and “never heard of before” viral attacks.  


However, one must understand that the 3 day fruit diet is a strictly controlled diet plan and proper meal planning is the key to experiencing the benefits of the diet. To help you at this task here is a sample 3 day meal plan:


Day 1: (protein loading)

This phase consists of consuming high protein foods to stock enough protein for the entire detox period. It is important that you avoid all carbohydrates on this day.


Breakfast (8.00am) – 2 egg whites scrambled with Light Ham

Snack (11.00am) – 6oz sugar-free protein shake

Lunch (1.30 pm) – Can of Tuna

Snack (5.00 pm) – A protein shake or protein bar

Dinner (8.00 pm) – 1 serving salad leaves with smoked salmon

Snack (10.00 pm) – 1 small serving Kefir milk (sugar free)


Day 2: (unlimited fruit servings)

The second day allows the dieter to eat as much (s)he wants to, but it must be a fruit exchange. Moreover, no juices, marmalades, jams, and jellies are allowed. 1 serving of protein is allowed to prevent protein breakdown.

Breakfast (8.00am) – 1 large banana sliced with 2 teaspoon roasted nuts

Snack (11.00am) – 1 standard cup mixed fruit and vegetable salad with no dressing

Lunch (1.30 pm) – Whole fruits with some salad leaves and 1 teaspoon tree nuts.

Snack (5.00 pm) – 1 cup berries

Dinner (8.00 pm) – Light Chicken soup

Snack (10.00 pm) – Any stone fruits


Day 3: (limited fruit servings)

The last day of the diet is similar to day 2, with the difference that the fruit servings are to be consumed in limited quantities. this helps establish portioning in the dieter.

Breakfast (8.00am) –1 serving stewed fruit with dairy free low cal cream

Snack (11.00am) – 1 cup cut melon  

Lunch (1.30 pm) – 2 serving of Whole fruits with some salad leaves and 1 teaspoon tree nuts.

Snack (5.00 pm) – 1 apple

Dinner (8.00 pm) – ½ serving lean turkey roast with apple sauce (sugar-free)

Snack (10.00 pm) – 1 whole peach


The above plan is just a sample plan. You can personalize the same by using fruits and substitutes of your choice. If followed properly, this diet will provide 1100kcals and 100gm protein on day 1 and approx 850 to 900 kcals and upto 30 gm protein on day 2 and 3.


Tips and instructions for a successful regimen:

  • Stick to the time slots given and do not eat anything post 10.00 pm
  • You are allowed vegetables and nuts just once a day. You can choose any salad vegetable and nut of your choice for this meal.
  • Do not skip any meal. Always follow the 3 hour rule (i.e. have something to eat everything 2 to 3 hours.)
  • Follow the rule of palm for portion sizes; i.e, any serving you have must not be bigger than your palm. It is a fair enough guide to help you not overeat.
  • Avoid salad dressings, dairy, caffeine, coffee, tea, alcohol, colas, starches, cooked vegetables, fats, and all sweets throughout the diet regimen.
  • Salt and pepper can be used with your meals.
  • Drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day.
  • Following the diet with light exercises and activity is essential to see lasting results on weight loss regimen.



Contraindications for Fruit diet


This diet is not recommended for people with known diabetes, metabolic disorders, compromised kidney and/or liver health, and pregnant or lactating females.

Since, there is a remote chance of vitamin deficiency; it is recommended that people with a history of pernicious anemia, osteoporosis, or any other deficiency disorder consult a doctor for suitable supplements before starting the detox program.

To get all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that a body needs, one must eat a wide variety of fruits, including fleshy, citrus, berries, stone, seeded, and unseeded.


Last but most important this diet is planned for a short span start up program for weight loss and it must NOT be followed for more than 3 days.


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3 Day Fruit Diet Plan