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Selena Gomez’s Secrets To Her Perfect Body

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Selena Gomez Diet Plan



Full of verve and vivacity, Selena tries to manage a healthy lifestyle and diet with her hectic schedule.Cute and child-like Selena Gomez weaved magic on screen with the wizards of Waverly Place. Aptly designated as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, Selena has become a Teen –Thunder with many films and sound records in her kitty.



Featuring in 6 films this year like Hotel Transylvania, spring Breakers, 13 Reasons Why, The Getaway, and the Seven rays, Selena succumbed to exhaustion and was hospitalized for food poisoning in 2011. It was then that Selena felt the need for a more healthier and nutritious diet .


Selena and Food


Right from childhood, Selena had not given a thought to her food and diet .As a kid, Selena had a compulsive junk food fad and was eating what took her fancy. To quote her-“I was a stubborn kid, so I got to eat whatever I wanted. I have to have creamed spinach or cheese on my broccoli. I have to have something that makes it not healthy. And I love M&Ms, Kit Kats, Snickers and Goobers at the movies.”


Being a huge Junk–food addict hooked to all candies and confectioneries, Selena had neglected the basic nutrients that give her the energy. This led to headaches, nausea and exhaustion, leaving her drained and dry. Selena has realized her blunder and repents for it saying-“I do eat. The problem is I don’t eat right. I love everything that is possibly not good for me.”


But this cannot go on for Selena for she has too many things on her plate. With attending film and photo shoots on one hand to dating a huge star like Justin Bieber on the other, it is time for Selena to watch what she eats and has to take in a lot of vitamins and minerals. Being short on iron and proteins, Gomez has to go in for more natural rather than fun foods.


Right now Selena has spruced up her meals with more revitalizing nutrients and minerals. For breakfast, she consumes 250 calories with her favorites – her mom’s eggs. She makes a mean omelet. She adds mushrooms, onions, cheese- the works”. For a lunch of about 350 calories, Selena ensures she takes in a lot of proteins with lean red meat through turkey, whether she is on sets or off them. For dinner, it is Italian all the way for Selena like she says-“I actually like to do my dinners all Italian- it’s kind of fattening, but it’s my leeway.  love lasagna”. Selena digs into Reese pieces or Snickers for snacks with a pickle justifying them saying-“Pickles fill you up and aren’t too bad for you”.


As far as dieticians are concerned, Selena’s diet is way off the mark. Her lunch needs vegetable content and her dinner is a high carb yet low protein and fat concoction. Her snacking style is awful and so are her meal timings. Important of all, where are the fruits, Selena, one wonders? Selena has to reorient her diet to include healthier eats. With her mom by her side, Selena is seriously working on what goes down her throat and tummy. To quote her-“My mom’s definitely shoving vitamins down my mouth and following me around.” Good for you, Selena, you do need an elderly hand by your side till you take care of yourself.


Apparently Selena Gomez is still childish when it comes to taking care of her eats and treats. Hope she picks up a tip for Justin in doing justice to her own health, body and diet. Good luck, Selena and Bon appétit!


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Selena Gomez’s Secrets To Her Perfect Body