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Vanessa William's Winning Diet Secrets

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Vanessa Williams Diet Secrets



The quintessential Black Beauty, Vanessa has been the valiant conqueror of many hearts with her winning smile, voluptuous curves and svelte figure. Even at 47, Vanessa Williams looks every inch the Venus of our dreams, thanks to her thoughtful diet.


Recently, Vanessa co-authored an auto-biographical book with her mother Helen titled “You have no idea”.  True to the title, Vanessa’s dieting is something which one really cannot have any idea about. But of late, Vanessa is spilling the beans about her beauty and diet secrets.


Vanessa's Attitude towards Food and Diet


Vanessa seems to have a healthy attitude towards diet and meal –planning. She is not obsessed with dieting but is more into exercise to kill the pounds. She does not easily succumb to stress and is hence not obsessed with over-eating. After the divorce with NBA star Ricky Fox, in 2004, most people expected Vanessa to binge. Instead she became more watchful of her diet. The only hassle she faced was eating at regular intervals.  Still by recovering quickly and focusing on her health and diet, Vanessa is back to her wonderful self.


Vanessa adopts an easy –to-follow approach on meal planning. She advocates the fundamental rule of “Cutting down the portions”. Talking on these lines, Vanessa adds -“If you're full, stop. Push the plate away--you don't have to finish it all". Vanessa is particular about her food before a show or event. She deliberately avoids desserts, high-sugar foods and dairy items. To quote her--'When I’m in training mode, I have no dairy, no sugar but normally it depends on what I’m cooking.'


Vanessa managed her slim and sexy figure by consuming only 1100-1400 calories a day. She managed this by ordering portion-controlled meals from The 5 meals consisted of  blueberry muffin with a slice of turkey sausage; homemade chicken with cauliflower soup; turkey with marinara sauce and chicken rabe; crudités with humus for dips; oatmeal and almond crusted tenderloin with asparagus and a baked apple.


Baked Apple as part of Vanessa William's Diet


 Talking to Ok magazine, Vanessa revealed that for breakfast, she digs into a bagel with cream cheese and half a cup of coffee. Apparently she works out the carbs with rigorous exercise with her trainer or by herself. Vanessa is clear about eliminating certain foods and says-“If you cut out stuff – I hate to say not eat, but if you eat less – then you’re going to see results. You back off the sweets – try to eliminate those – and eat a lot of proteins and leafy greens. You’ll see results”.


When she is not working, Vanessa refuses to starve or eat trivially. Instead she carves an effective diet adaptable to the season. During summer and spring, Vanessa increases her protein and veggie intake to lose weight. During winter, she chooses foods like macaroni, mashed potatoes and cheese to keep her warm.


Now Vanessa has a yen for Greek food. Her current breakfast constitutes scrambled eggs, yoghurt, fruit, mango juice and tea. Lunch is prosciutto or thinly sliced ham with cheese and cherry tomatoes. Dinner is Saganaki with salad, grilled chicken and eggplant.


Vanessa has her cheat foods too like New York Pizza and the cakes and pies she bakes for her kids. Yet she sticks to her small portions and is content with her life, figure and diet routine. In her words-“I'm happy to be alive and surrounded by my family. I'm grateful for everything that I've achieved in life and everything that I have been given. When you approach each day with gratitude, it's a lot easier to not be stressed."


Well said, Vanessa and hats off to your joie de vivre!!!


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Vanessa William's Winning Diet Secrets