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Katy Perry's New Diet Plan

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Katy Perry's Diet Plan



Right now, Katy Perry is busy planning to create her own record label and is reinventing her diet and music. What is she up to, by the way? 



With “Part of Me” – a 3D biopic film on her life being released recently by Paramount pictures, Katy Perry is in seventh heaven. 2012 has been eventful with Perry appearing on the Forbes list as the third most earning US singer, after Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.


You wouldn’t believe it, but Katy has released a single track called “Best Diets 2012”. In line with this popular number, she has started on a new diet plan with the help of Celebrity Nutrition Guru, Harley Pasternak. Perry is now on Pasternak’s Five factor Diet which consists of 5 small portion meals a day combined with 5 times working out a week. To top it all, the 5 factor menu has slashed off Perry’s favorite fast foods, substituting them with lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, and whole food grains.


Katy’s Old Eating Pattern


Before plunging into this perfect diet, Katy used to gorge on fast food and admits-“My fave things include barbecue chicken chop at CPK Chinese, chicken salad at Chin chins and a double double at In-N-Out Burger." Yet when it came to a world tour and whirlwind concerts, Katy felt the need to shape up. She is now into organic fruits and vegetables, eggs, dairy, beef and chicken. She has substituted water for soda and cut down on aerated drinks too. She now prefers grilled rather than fried chicken. Katy has developed a fad for mushrooms too. Looks like Katy is going all the way to maintain her slim and sleek figure.


Katy’s New Diet and Lifestyle


Katy has adjusted to the new diet regimen and reveals-"It is just a nice, organic diet where you eat stuff like brown rice instead of white rice. Brown is a bit boring and white is all white, sugary and delicious. I am missing the naughty foods a bit “.


Katy’s diet plan is attracting wide attention with its well-organized menu. Perry puts in any one of these foods from the 5 groups to her well- balanced meal. She may pick seafood or chicken breast for proteins; green vegetables, beans, sweet potatoes or wild rice for low carbs; Oily fish or flaxseed oil for unsaturated fats and whole food grains for fiber. Sugar-free beverages add to her menu for her thirst.


Katy has a fiber and protein –rich breakfast of egg whites with tomato, ham, onions and cheese or she just goes in for oatmeal with apple and a whey protein shake. Lunch leaves her with lean carbs and proteins from a chicken with vegetables or a black bean salad. Dinner has lean protein and slow release carbs in the form of brown rice with chicken teriyaki.

Chicken Delights Eaten by Katy Perry



Katy doesn’t spare her salt-cravings either. She has only substituted her favorite Cheetos and Crunchy Orange-flavored Cornmeal with a healthier version like quesadillas with turkey, black beans and low-fat cheese.


Katy is conscious of blending both her taste and her diet to satisfy her appetite, taste and health requirements. It looks like she is practical and sensible in formulating her music and diet records. Her fans would do well by emulating her and going for healthier diets while not compromising on their tastes like Katy Perry.


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Katy Perry's New Diet Plan