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Angela Ruggiero- Nutrition Is Key To Olympics Success

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Angela RuggieroFour time Olympic gold medalist, ice hockey player Angela Ruggiero strongly believes that good nutrition is very important to gain the best results on the field. Experts agree that if ice hockey players do not pay attention to their diet, it can reflect in the performance at the game. Ice hockey is a sport that requires agility, body balance and extremely high energy levels to stay warm during the game and play well. A high calorie, carbohydrate rich diet is a must for right levels of fitness and stamina. This blog discusses the recommended dietary guidelines for Olympics ice hockey players like Angela Ruggiero, so that they can give their peak performance at all times.

High Calorie, High Protein Diet Menu

High Protein Food Sources

A menu plan that is well balanced in all the macro- nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and fats is ideal for an ice hockey player. 5-6 small meals are advised to keep energy levels high and avoid straining of the digestive system. This provides the players with short bursts of glucose so that they do not feel fatigued and can endure the long hours at training as well as the main event.

Ideal Diet For An Ice Hockey Player


  • Carbohydrates- This is the main energy source for all sportspersons and should not be neglected. Whole breads, unrefined flours, oatmeal and grains such as quinoa are the ones that players must choose from over refined and simple sugars. Nutritionists recommended that 5 g to 7 g of carbohydrate should be eaten per kg body weight to ensure that the athlete has plenty of glycogen stores. This is especially important before a game and carbs such as rice, vegetables, breads and pasta should be incorporated in the pre game diet.


  • Proteins- Their importance cannot be stressed upon enough as they are needed for muscle contraction and repair and recovery of the strained muscles after a game. Lean sources of protein provide the best quality amino acids and also help to keep the fat intake to a minimum. Chicken, fish and turkey are the best choices. To increase the protein intake, whey protein shake with every meal is recommended. Eggs and milk are other must haves on the high protein menu.

Olive oil

  • Fats- They are also vital for an athlete as they help absorb vitamins and minerals and supply the body with essential fatty acids, which it is unable to manufacture. 4 to 5 teaspoons of plant based unsaturated fatty acids can be taken every day. Fried foods which make the fat intake quite high can be taken only occasionally.

Orange Juice

  • Fluids- Plain water, diluted fruit juices and sports drinks are the best fluids to choose from. Caffeinated drinks and sodas must be avoided as they are unhealthy and drain the body of precious water. Sufficient fluids must be taken before the game, during breaks and after the game. This if not done, can directly affect performance and recovery.

Angela Ruggiero's Diet For The Olympics


  • She follows a high carbohydrate diet on the days she is practicing or has a game. She chooses a variety of different sources and always sticks to unrefined and complex carbohydrates. On other days she consumes carbohydrates moderately, to prevent them from getting unused and converted to fat.

  • Angela has a small amount of protein with all her meals and prefers lean meat over red meat. An omlette made with 2- egg whites is her favorite breakfast. She mixes 25 g of whey protein in orange juice and drinks this daily to boost her protein intake. This not only keeps her muscles strong, it also keep her full as proteins are digested slowly compared to carbs.

Carrot salad

  • She has plenty of vegetables which are rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. She has them in her main meal as stir fries, as a vegetable smoothie and also as snacks. Carrot with hummus is a healthy snack that she often enjoys.

  • Almonds ( for snack), extra virgin olive oil and avocados are the fat sources that Angela prefers. These are highly unsaturated and rich in good fats.


  • She keeps herself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and after a game.

A well balanced diet for an ice hockey player is definitely the key to success and performance. For Angela Ruggiero, this is one way to stay fit and hopefully a step closer to the Olympic gold.

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Angela Ruggiero- Nutrition Is Key To Olympics Success