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Laurie Jones- Right Diet For Hurdling This Olympics

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Laura JonesSpeed, technique and a good diet are essential to success for an Olympics hurdler. Laurie 'Lolo' Jones is one of the brightest stars, part of team USA and hopes to clinch the gold with her handwork and dedication. A diet for a hurdler like Laurie Jones needs to be well balanced and healthy to support the intensive nature of the sport. If a track athlete is not well nourished, it can reflect in the poor performance on the field. Not only the quantity of food, the quality of the nutrients is  also very important. In this blog we will cover the dietary requirements of track and field event champs like Laurie Jones that will help push them to their maximum limit.



A High Energy Well Balanced Diet


Balanced diet

A hurdlers' diet should be high in calories and must contain proportionate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats as well as vitamins and minerals. All these nutrient are indispensable and any deficiency can have a lasting impact on performance and stamina. Fluids are not to be forgotten as a well hydrated athlete has a better chance of doing well while training and also on the field. A hurdler burns approximately 600 calories in an hour and thus a high energy diet is recommended to fuel their muscles. A total of 3500 to 4000 k cal are needed per day for a hurdler.


Ideal Diet For An Olympic Hurdler



  • Carbohydrate- Glucose is the main fuel that is needed to help the muscles, the brain and the heart work non stop. There is no better source of glucose than complex carbohydrates in the form of whole grains and their products such as pasta, porridge and bread. These when eaten will help release glucose slowly to help the athlete successfully perform and complete the event. More than half of the food eaten in a day should consist of carbohydrates and they should be present in all main meals. Simple sugars in the form of soft-drinks, desserts, doughnuts and chocolates should be eaten in minimal amounts.



  • Proteins- They help to build and strengthen muscles and also help in repair and recovery after a game. A moderate protein diet is advised and any excess should be avoided as it will simply get converted to fat. Lean meat and poultry are the best sources of high biological valve protein and should be combined with carbs in all the main meals. Protein rich beans and lentils are excellent vegetarian sources.


Flax oil

  • Fats- Too much fat in the diet will lead to weight gain and lower stamina in an athlete. 4 - 5 teaspoons of vegetable oils like sunflower and flax seed oil should be used everyday to help absorb vitamins and supply the body with essential fatty acids. Fried foods can be eaten rarely and never before an event.


Laurie Jones' Diet Pattern



  • She gives nutrition high priority and follows a high protein diet menu as this works the best for her. 


  • For breakfast, Laurie eats oatmeal to keep her fueled up for the grueling day of training and practice ahead. A fruit is also eaten along with this.



  • Lunch and dinner are rich in proteins from steaks that have chicken and fish. Plenty of veggies are eaten with the main meals. Though she eats carbs for lunch, she avoid them completely during dinner.


  • She drinks a protein rich beverage everyday which has added spinach for an extra dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Chicken wings

  • She does not eat fried food very often, but indulges in spicy chicken wings every week. As long as an athlete is eating healthy on other days, a little indulgence is acceptable.


She loves Chocolates


She has a sweet tooth and she loves eating chocolates very now and then. Earlier she used to eat milk chocolate but has now switched to dark chocolate as it is low in fat and high in antioxidants. She enjoys 90% dark chocolates that contain almonds.


To win the Olympic gold, hurdlers like Laurie Jones have to follow a disciplined and nourishing diet so that they can give their best every single time. The importance of good nutrition and exercise cannot be stressed upon more to cross those hurdles and grab that gold.


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Laurie Jones- Right Diet For Hurdling This Olympics