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Lady Gaga- Diet Or Destiny

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Lady Gaga's Eating Patterns


Lady Gaga has been in and out of controversies –all related to her diet. She apparently used to down baby foods to maintain the reed-thin figure for her music videos. Coming to flak for this, she is now said to have switched over to a 5 meals a day diet plan which is a definite improvement.



Anyone who listens to “Just Dance” and “Telephone” would definitely go gaga over Lady Gaga and I’m no exception. She really has attained the heights with her “Edge of Glory “album but is more into the news lately owing to her diet. With a huge fan-following who regularly chirp on her tweets, Lady Gaga ought to have more responsibility towards her public messages. She recently got into rave reviews for having tweeted” Eating a salad while dreaming of a cheeseburger!-Pop singers don’t eat, I was born this way!” This anti-diet statement of hers is said to have influenced her fans to have bulimic tendencies. Poor Gaga, she can no longer even fantasize of fast foods let alone eat them!


This tweet alone stirred a hornet’s nest with a string of backlashes from the National Eating Disorder Organization. This group is said to have chided her for making a volte-face on her previous statements imploring fans to stop dieting. The actor admitted to being bulimic in high school and said she had been obsessed with the idea of being a skinny ballerina. Now when she fancies cheeseburgers, her fans are definitely right to rant and rave. But this is not all.


Lady Gaga’s 5 Factor Diet


Since April, she has been on a 5 Factor Diet recommended by her health guru Harley Pasternak. According to this plan, she is supposed to take in 5 healthy small portion meals comprising of low-glycemic carbs, lean protein, healthy fats, fiber, and a sugar-free beverage. One day in a week, she is allowed to eat all she craves. Looks like this is the price you pay for stardom and glory.


Lady Gaga’s diet may be worth raging for her fans but she herself admits that her favorite munchies are hummus, tofu, turkey slices, grain chips and coconut water. But this too is bogus, says her choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson. Gaga doesn’t totally starve or stick to the 5 Factor diet, Gibson claims. Her lean figure is more because she keeps an eye on what she eats and works out more. It also has to do with the hummus and coconut water. Tender coconut water cools the body and eliminates toxins. Hummus, is full of protein and devoid of cholesterol or saturated fats. These two are basically her secrets of skinniness, it seems.





Whatever the reason, Lady Gaga is dogged and undeterred about both her dogmas and diet. She brewed a storm by wearing a “Meat dress” to the 2010 MTV Awards and the 2012 “Born this Way ball Tour”. Made from the flesh of a dead animal, this stitched-in dress created uproar among vegetarians and animal-lovers. But Lady Gaga is still the Lady Goliath with unflinching faith in what she believes for  she quotes-” If you don’t stand up for what you want, pretty soon you are going to have as much rights as meat in our bones!”


So be it eating or wearing meat, Lady Gaga sue knows how to handle her diet and destiny, it seems. Look like we have a lot to learn from Lady Gaga- right from her diet to her dogmas to managing our destiny!

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Lady Gaga- Diet Or Destiny