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Angelina Jolie Eats For Her Eternal Beauty

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Angelina Jolie's Diet Secrets and Rules



Ever since I saw Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, I was stunned by her angelic beauty and statuesque body. What diet does she follow? Even after 2 pregnancies, there is not an ounce of extra fat on Angelina and she looks in impeccable shape. What is the key to Jolie’s chic figure?  Let us investigate.



Angelina Jolie has been always a light, nay, poor eater. She has been in the flak from the media for being anorexic but has dismissed it saying that was the way her body works. Her extra tall figure also puts her at an added advantage of giving her a lean look. Apart from these 2 advantages of poor eating and a tall form, Angelina has luck on her side in many other ways. She need not ever go on a diet to lose weight as she herself eats little. She can gorge on her favorite red meal without worrying about putting extra kilos. But the main clinching factor that keeps Angelina attractive and forever slim is her diet and meal pattern.


Angelina Eats in Small Portions


Angelina consumes several extremely small meals per day. Her daily intake yields only 600 calories per day. Her breakfast of cereals and coconut oil lends proteins and vitamins but does not add on the calories. Her ethereal glow might be due to the coconut oil too. Her meals constitute meat compulsorily but they are all lean meats. This accounts for her protein intake without adding on weight.


Angelina Diet Rules


Angelina is a great patron of proteins. In her busy schedule even when she unconsciously skips a meal, she instantly grabs a protein shake to satisfy her hunger pangs. Angelina did try being vegan for a while but could not sustain on veggies for red meat only could provide the sufficient nutrition for her. In her words- “I joke that a big, juicy steak is my beauty secret. But seriously, I love red meat. I was a vegan for a long time, and it nearly killed me. I found I was not getting enough nutrition.So Jolie relies more on meat for proteins to give her the energy to drive through the day.


The one annoying habit of Angelina is to get hung onto a food and keep eating it endlessly till she gets bored. Once upon a time, soups were her favorites and she drank gallons till she got bugged of them. Even now Jolie has bizarre eating habits- one time is nuts and tea the other time it is red wine and meat and so on.


Recently Angelina looked ethereal and super thin at the Oscar awards night. Rumors have it that she is now expecting her seventh child. But he bigger buzz is about her diet and that is “Angelina is onto fruits now”. Blueberries, chokeberries, acai and goji are the favorites she requested for and she even substituted the lunch spread with a bowl of berries. However Jolie is particular that her fruits are organic and has a fetish for exotic berries only for their nutrients. But some say that Angelina is looking positively emaciated with her shoulder bones protruding out. Still Jolie is jolly attributing to her metabolism and usual body shape.


Berries - Angelina's Diet Secret


It looks like Jolie is justified in her thinness owing to her appetite, if not for her bizarre habits. No complaints Angelina as long as you are as healthy and angelic as ever.


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Angelina Jolie Eats For Her Eternal Beauty