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Hunter Kemper is Hungry for The Gold

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Hunter KemperTriathlon is a sport that is a combination of swimming, cycling and running and requires extremely high levels of fitness and stamina. United States athlete Hunter Kemper is participating in his fourth Olympics and is hopeful to clinch the gold for the third time. Triathletes need to have immense energy levels to complete a race successfully and in order to achieve this, a healthy diet is the most important. The diet should be high in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and low in fat. Let us look at the best diet plan a for a triathlon champion like Hunter Kemper.

High Carbohydrate Fiber Rich Diet For A Triathlete

Fiber rich diet

The daily diet of a triathlete should be rich in complex carbohydrates which make up a large portion of the diet. High quality proteins and good fats are also mandatory in all the main meals. Sufficient fluids to prevent dehydration and plenty of vitamins and minerals for a strong immune system are other objectives of a well planned diet pattern.

Ideal Diet For A Triathlete

1. Carbohydrates

Wheat Bread

A minimum of 55 % of the total diet should consist of carbohydrates which are the primary fuel sources for the body. If a very high carbohydrate diet is needed, 70 % of the day's calories can be obtained from complex carbohydrates. This will not only provide energy for day to day activities but also replenish the body's store of glycogen in the liver and the muscles. Whole grains and their products like starchy fruits and vegetables are recommended. Sugary foods like sweets, chocolates, ice cream, doughnuts should be consumed minimally.

2. Proteins


0.5 to 1g of protein is sufficient to build and strengthen the muscles for this grueling sport. The essential amino acids that the proteins supply also boost the immune system and keep stamina high. Lean meat, eggs, dairy and beans are protein rich and must be eaten 3- 4 times a day. Naturally extracted whey protein can also be supplemented in the diet if needed.

3. Fats

Olive oil

The function of fats is to to provide calories and it is also a storage form of energy. It is very important that an athlete has the right amount of fat deposits to meet the body's demand for extra calories. Vegetable oils extracted from canola, safflower and flax seeds are good sources of fatty acids that play an important role in many body processes.

4. Vitamins And Minerals


These essential nutrients may be needed in small amounts but they play a very vital role. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the richest sources of many vitamins and minerals. Cereal bran and germ are other good sources and can be made part of the regular diet. There is no need to take any synthetic supplements if four to five servings of antioxidant fruits and vegetables are taken everyday.

Prohibited Supplements For A Triathlete

Anabolic agents and growth hormones are banned and if tested positive, an athlete can be debarred from all future games.

Hunter Kemper's Diet Pattern

  • He is very focused on his diet and has considerably reduced the junk food that he used to eat very regularly in the past. Rather than eating large meals, Hunter Kempler eats 2-3 small meals that keep him fueled up and raring to go. He mixes carbohydrates and proteins and keeps his fat consumption very low.


  • For a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Hunter has switched to fruit smoothies and also helps himself to mixed vegetable salads as often as he can.

  • On race day, he concentrates on getting plenty of energy for the intense activity ahead and eats pasta for the main meal.

Salad and meat

  • He also drinks plenty of water so that dehydration is not a risk and does not impact his performance.

Hunter Kemper Has A Sweet Tooth

Krispy kreme glazed doughnut, cookies and ice cream, and M and M's are his favourite and he has them every now and then. Everything is eaten in moderation as a balanced diet is very important to him.


Hunter Kemper's focus and dedicated diet is the reason he is so fit at the age of 36. A lot of love and support from his fans as they pray that he gets the gold once again.

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Hunter Kemper Is Hungry For The Gold