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Justin Bieber's Diet Is Just In

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Justin Beiber's Diet secrets



Looks like Justin’s diet  is just in for a big change along with his physique. Good luck to him, hoping that his physique notches up several scales like his records.


The heartthrob of almost every female teenager in the world, Justin Bieber is not only a handsome hunk but an attractive achiever too. The first artist to chart 7 songs in his debut album in the Billboard Hot 100, Justin is just in with his new album “Believe” which is topping the charts all over the world. At just 18 years, Bieber has a bevy of female fans swooning on him mesmerized by his hazel brown eyes, husky voice, hearty grin and highly handsome looks. With such a frenzied following, Justin has to definitely sport a fabulous physique and fit figure. So what does Bieber do to keep his frame fit?


Justin Bieber’s mother is the person who pulls the strings on his diet. Travelling along with him on all his concerts and tours, she keeps a watchful eye over his diet, cooking foods for him by her own hand. Justin’s mom prefers to use pure seasonal vegetables and fruits and uses olive oil for all her recipes. Justin’s favorite gourmet dishes are mushroom pizza, chicken tikka, seal fish soup and fried rice. Among fruits, Justin prefers grapes, avocados, cherries and Filipino mangoes.


Justin's  Diet


Unlike most celebrities, Justin Bieber does not follow a pre-set diet plan but instead concentrates on eating meals comprising of balanced nutrients. Justin consumes 4-5 small meals a day comprising of right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Justin has started sacrificing all junk and fast food and made all white and refined foods taboo too. Drinking lots of cool water and green tea beats the heat out of Justin.


But one thing that Justin misses most is having a Hulk Hogan physique with 6 pack abs, rippling muscles, bulging biceps and thunder thighs. Now he has started aiming for this magic physique by recruiting Jordan Yuam as his personal trainer. To achieve this magic physique, Bieber has been asked to bulk up and gain weight. Now weighing 130 pounds on a 5’ 5’ frame, Bieber is all set to gain some weight at the right places. By increasing his intake of good fats, Justin hopes to become more macho and manly than ever before.


Justin plans to beef up his body by working –out and consuming unsaturated fats. He reveals that no matter how hard you train, it is worthless trying to build your body without an intense bulking diet. Bieber has banned chocolates and soft drinks and instead started eating brown rice, pasta,  chicken, whole meal, tuna, eggs and red meat.


Justin Beiber's Protein Options


Justin outlines his present daily 5 meal course as follows. He starts off with oats and cereal in the morning for his breakfast followed by a brunch of pasta, tuna and egg whites. An mild mid-day drink is the protein shake for weight gain followed by a lunch of pasta and chicken followed by a meal of rice , steak, lentils and beans  Evening brings in the weight gainer and protein shake .dinner has tuna, chicken and salmon. The combinations may vary but mostly his meals fit into these categories.


Justin’s favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs and  his favorite drink is orange juice.  His favorite pudding is the one with strawberry sauce and he loves pizza while dating.


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Justin Bieber's Diet Is Just In