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Serena Williams- A Healthy Diet For The Gold

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Serena WilliamsTwo time Olympics gold medalist, Serena Williams is focusing on her diet to help her perform her very best this time around. She is an athlete who has managed to keep herself fit despite all the hours put in the game and during regular training. The fitness and stamina of tennis players depend largely on their nutrition levels and they need to eat a high energy diet that has proportionate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This blog will look at the diet that Olympians like Serena Williams need to follow to be in top form and give it their best shot.

High Carbohydrate Diet For A Tennis Player

Tennis Diet Plan

A diet that contains 55% – 65 % of carbohydrates, 20 % proteins and 10- 15 % fat is the best plan for a tennis player. Any lesser carbohydrate will deprive the muscles of the most important fuel, glucose which can affect performance drastically. A low carbohydrate diet may be popular but is definitely not recommended for a tennis player. Female players need to give extra attention to minerals like iron and calcium as a deficiency can weaken bones and cause tiredness.

Ideal Diet For A Tennis Player


  • Carbohydrates- This is the food source that the body is able to breakdown to give energy in the most efficient manner. Unrefined and non processed carbohydrates are rich in fiber which helps release glucose slowly, making them better than simple sugars and refined foods. Whole wheat pasta, multigrain breads and cereals provide the bulk of the carbohydrates in the diet. This makes the base of healthy eating for all tennis players.


  • Proteins- The main function of proteins is to help in repair of the muscles that have worn out during a game and are vital for every sports star. 1g to 1.4 g of proteins are needed per kg body weight. Protein rich beans and lentils can be obtained from plant sources while eggs, poultry and red meat from animal sources.


  • Fats- Like all other nutrients, fats are also needed to perform many important body functions. Without fats, the vitamins that release energy from the body cells will not be able to do their job and the player will feel weak and lethargic. Nuts, seeds and vegetable oils like olive, groundnut and sunflower are preferred.

Energy Drink

  • Fluids And Electrolytes- As tennis involves continuous movement, fluid loss through sweat is very high. Along with this, the body also loses important electrolytes like sodium and potassium. Based on many research studies, it has been determined that a carbohydrate based drink enriched with electrolytes is better to consume during a match when compared to plain water. Before and after the game, the concentration should be on sufficient sodium rich beverages to prevent heat cramps which can be quite painful. Adding a little extra table salt to food and beverages is recommended.

Banned Supplements For Tennis

Stimulants and anabolic steroids are some of the banned supplements according to the International Tennis Federation.

Serena Williams's Diet Pattern

  • Even though she does not like eating breakfast, she understands the importance it has in a healthy lifestyle. Muesli is the most preferred food in the morning.


  • She always combines proteins and carbs in her pre match meal such as a turkey sausage with baked potato. She avoids playing on an empty stomach.

  • Serena knows the benefits of balanced diet and eats small portions that include baked lean meat like chicken and fish along with a bowl full of steamed vegetables.

Fruit Plate

  • Lately, she has been reducing her intake of meat and eating more raw fruits and vegetables. This is good and provides the body with a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Serena Loves Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie

Serena Williams is very determined to eat balanced on most days, but she does indulge in a cherry pie. This is one food she is unable to resist and never says no to. She absolutely loves cheese pizza and french fries, and enjoys them in moderation.

Serena is fit and ready to win another gold this Olympics. Her dedication, training and diet are sure to bring success her way. We wish her all the very best and a great game ahead.

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Serena Williams- A Healthy Diet For The Gold