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Vidya Balan Ventures Into A New Diet

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Vidya Balan's Diet Secrets


Vidya balan's diet and dressing sense has always been in news, but this time its her back to back hits and ofcourse the diet she was on to gain weight for her movie- The Dirty Picture. Vivacious, effervescent Vidya Balan has turned vampish in “The Dirty Picture”, motherly in “Paa” and derelict in “Ishqiya”. But recently she has turned a new leaf with her slim and sexy form after the release of her new flick “Kahaani”. For the much publicized “Dirty picture”, Vidya had to don 12 kilos while after on, she had to shed them. So Vidya‘s weight and figure have been vacillating between the 2 extremes. But the lanky lady has lots to do with her diet, to manage this, of course.



Vidya’s Weight Gain for “The Dirty Picture”


For “The Dirty Picture" Vidya had to pile up 12 kilos and how did she do this? With bananas and burgers, it seems. Eating cream biscuits, chocolates, almonds, bananas and munching on pasta and burgers in between shots helped her load on the extra weight with ease. But once the film was done, she instantly set out on losing the extras by working out, calisthenics and strict dieting. Vidya is very much confident of regaining her slim figure when she says-“Weight is not a baggage. I shall go back to my original size for sure. For after all, I need my original fitness levels back, right?" 


Vidya Balan’s Diet Rules


Vidya’s diet plan is very simple and fundamental. No hi-fi slimming drinks or foods for Vidya. Basically a vegan, she relies heavily on earthy Indian food for her nutritious diet and weight control. However, she has some strict rules on mixing food ingredients. Like for instance, she may eat rice or roti separately but never mixes both together. The same goes for apples and oranges. However, in spite of being a total vegetarian, she takes egg–whites for proteins. She also opts for multi-grain bread and maida is taboo for a vengeance.


Vidya is one celebrity who admits to being a foodie and loving ethnic Indian food. She also does not mind losing weight but not her killer curves. In fact, she is frank enough to admit that she never intends to aim for size zero. She says-“I'm all for the Indian woman's curvaceous body and I'm happy the way I am. I don't think I'll ever consciously try and change my body unless I need to for a film."


So that is Vidya for you- simple, direct and positively vibrant. Practical and pragmatic, Vidya has made fat look fabulous in both The Dirty Picture and her Lavani song in Ferrari ki Sawari. She emphatically vetoes wanting a slim-thin body sans curves. She is also nonplussed about snide remarks on her weight and curves .In fact, she brushes them all off by saying-“A woman needs to be curvy! If a woman sheds all her weight and the curves she would end up looking like a man! Why should women look like men? I have failed to understand this. I don't find that attractive at all."


Revealing her diet plan for the day, Vidya quips- “I feel much healthier now. I've started drinking lots of water and eating fiber-rich foods. Adding eggs to my diet has helped, though I am a staunch vegetarian otherwise. I also love juices especially the wheatgrass and amla concoctions. Also dry fruits are a great alternative to gorging on sweets." Apart from this, her favorite food items include parathas, masala chai, raagi sewaiyan, and chocolate pastries.


Masala Chai



By and large, Vidya has her fundas straight which is eating the food she loves but with a watchful eye and trying to stay in shape with her desirable curves. Way to go, Vidya –keep up your stance and your diet and we’ll see more of you in your forthcoming flicks looking as vivacious as ever!


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Vidya Balan Ventures Into A New Diet