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Taylor Swift‘s Diet –As Sensible As Her Music

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Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift, young and beautiful is always keen on maintaining her slim figure and stamina through a rigid diet. Just 22, this new-generation melody icon has an arresting screen presence, enchanting voice, meaningful lyrics and a sexy figure to lend a charisma to her appearances.  She hates to pant on stage amidst performances or breathing heavily or losing the tenor of her voice. So she carefully plans what to eat and how, in order to remain healthy and hearty as her songs today.



Swift is more into raw foods and organic fruits and vegetables. The Pennsylvania- born pretty picture eats more of fresh fruits, vegetables, nut and fish. Weighing just 120 pounds on a 5’10’’ frame, Taylor Swift has a perfect height and weight with a figure to match. No doubt she is the iconic emblem of the teens and betweens.


Like her songs, Taylor Swift‘s diet is simple yet meaningful. Eat healthy but watch what you eat and workout- is Taylor’s motto. Eat what you want once in a while but burn your calories afterwards is what Taylor suggests. Let us learn from Taylor Swift, her principles and diet- both of which are focused, fearless and fundamental.


Taylor Swift is truly a smart, soulful singer who watches what she eats as he has focused career on her mind. She believes in eating in moderation and takes particular care of her voice which is the secret of her success. Throughout the week, she digs in to healthy salads, yogurts and light sandwiches that sit light on her tummy. She avoids sugary foods and drinks that might affect her voice or increase her weight or cause sluggishness. She also has her skinny vanilla lattes from Starbucks. On weekends, it is pumpkin sliced lattes along with fries burgers, cookies, ice creams and cones to take a break of, from the regular haul.


Taylor Swift's Exercise Regime


Much has been said about Taylor’s exercise regime because she is specially hung up on yoga, cardio, running and workouts. But as far as Swift’s diet is concerned, she is remarkably secretive about her slim situation. She is said to scoff at the idea of a diet and believes more in eating healthy. “Food is my moment of weakness, because I don’t diet. I don’t like it. For me, I would eat healthy but I refuse to use the term diet,” declares the singer. “I’m happy with how I look…if I want to eat a cheeseburger , it’s going to happen” she adds.


Since Taylor is a dedicated exerciser, she doesn’t mind rewarding herself with one or 2 relax days or cheat days, especially when she has worked out too hard. On these days, she gives in to her cravings and satisfies her hunger and heart.


The one important thing Taylor can’t do without is bottled water. She downs plenty of water, more than normal as she believes in flushing out toxins and cooling her stress. She never leaves home without a water bottle and has one in her car always.


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Taylor Swift‘s Diet –As Sensible As Her Music