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Embrace Food Says Olympics Weight Lifter Holley Mangold

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Holley MangoldThis 330 pound weightlifting star has no problem admitting that she is comfortable with her weight and the fact that she loves food. The key to good nutrition according to Holley Mangold is to embrace your body and most importantly your food. That’s what it takes to be a record breaking champion and at the same time maintain high fitness levels. Sports nutrition experts say that a high carbohydrate and a moderate protein diet is a must to boost fitness levels in athletes so that they can do their best. Lets take a look at what heavy weight lifters like Holley Mangold should eat to stay on top of the game.

A Well Balanced Diet For A Weight Lifter

Weightlifting is an intense sport that heavily depletes the body's energy stores and stresses the muscles which are under immense pressure. A weight lifter needs 3000- 4000 calories a day which need to be well balanced in the amount of carbohydrates, protein and fats. Women in addition need to eat an iron rich diet to prevent the onset of fatigue and weakness.

1. Carbohydrates


  • The right quantity of carbohydrates that a heavy weight champion needs is atleast 55 % of the calories eaten the whole day. Without this, the body will turn to other sources like proteins and fats for glucose which can negatively impact stamina. Simple sugars must be replaced by complex carbohydrates. For example, wholegrain sandwich is preferred over pizza and burgers as it releases glucose very slowly in the blood stream and prevents any fluctuations.

2. Proteins

Egg and fish

  • No weight lifter can do without protein to repair the wear and tear in the muscle cells, a common occurrence in this sport. 30 % of the day's diet must consist of good quality protein to provide all the essential amino acids. Eggs and fish are other protein rich foods that are a must on a weight lifters' diet plan.

3. Fruits And Vegetables

Lettuce salad

  • Vegetables and fruits should not be given a miss either. The vitamins and minerals that leafy vegetables provide are invaluable for all sports persons. These nutrients help the body cells release energy and prevent vital deficiencies. A bowl of raw vegetable salad is a must two times a day, along with lunch and dinner. This also provides plenty of fiber that keeps the bowels functioning well and prevents constipation. This is a good way of getting natural supplements for weightlifting.

4. Fats And Oils

Oilve oil

  • Fats are equally important and should not be neglected. Oils rich in unsaturated fats such as poly and monounsaturated fatty acids help in absorption of vitamina A, D E and K which help boost energy levels and increase immunity.

Banned Supplements For Weight Lifters

Anabolic substances, diuretics and steriods are banned for weight lifters, and anyone testing positive for them can face a ban in the respective sport.

Sample Diet Plan For A Weight Lifter

Chicken Pasta


Whole wheat bread, omelette, milk and a fruit like banana.

Mid Morning Snack

Dry fruits, nuts, fruit yogurt, milkshake


Chicken salad with pasta, stuffed meat and vegetable sandwich, brown rice with lentils,

Evening Snack

Fruit juice, energy drinks, peanut butter sandwich


Rice, pasta, salads and milk.

Holley Mangold's Diet Pattern

  • Holley Mangold firmly believes that moderation is the key for any weight lifter. Holley likes to get her carbs from whole unrefined sources like wheat bread rather than the refined ones.
  • Holley enjoys lean meat like chicken breasts that have been grilled. She eats this as regularly as she can
  • She often eats lettuce along with her main course and also as a salad.
  • Holley avoids saturated fats like margarine and cheese. Olive and canola are her personal favorites.

Holley's Priority- Good Nutrition

Though she personally loves food and makes no qualms about the fact that she is super sized, good nutrition is the number one priority.

Holley Mangold follows a very normal diet and is a no fuss eater. Her simple diet formula has surely worked for her and we hope to see the best of her this Olympics.

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Embrace Food Says Olympics Weight Lifter Holley Mangold