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Abby Wambach Eats Balanced For Olympics Success

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Aspriring to be a successful sportwoman? Read about one.

Abby WambachShe is not only a soccer superstar who is exceptional on the field, but also a role model for many aspiring female sports stars. The United States Olympics Star, Abby keeps herself very fit off the field as well and owes a lot of it to the high energy food that she eats. After all, she practices and exercises for three hours a day and needs all the essential nutrients to gain energy. So what is a soccer diet? This blog takes a quick look at Abby Wambach's daily diet pattern that has helped her give the best.

High Energy Diet For A Soccer Player

1. Carbohydrates


A soccer player needs plenty of complex carbohydrates that will give enough energy to sustain difficult training sessions and of course the main event. A high carb diet menu is indispensable for all individuals whether they are involved in sports or not.

2. Proteins


Sufficient proteins are needed to strengthen the muscles and help in growth and repair. Lean meat and eggs are the best choice.

Pre Game Menu

  • Pre game nutrition is very important and largely determines ones ability to reach the maximum limit on the field. Refined sugar and alcohol are a strict no. This is important as processed foods are low in fiber and can quickly peak blood sugar levels. Alcohol and carbonated beverages are loaded with sugar which can lower hydration levels and negatively impact the outcome of a game.

Egg Sandwich

  • Small snacks at regular intervals that are rich in good carbs help store sufficient glycogen in the liver and muscles which are immediate sources of glucose during strenuous physical activity.


  • Hydration is very important too. Sufficient plain water must be had to make sure that water levels in the body do not drop. In between the event, energy drinks can be had to replace lost electrolytes.

Post Event Food

  • Experts believe that nothing is better than a combination of proteins and carbohydrates to replenish the body after a game. This also provides energy and helps the muscles to recover.




Fruits like bananas, all dry fruits, boiled potatoes, energy drinks, fruit juice and sandwiches.


Peanut butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, grilled meat (chicken/fish) and boiled egg

Abby Wambachs' Diet Pattern


  • Carbohydrates- Her favourite is a 100% whole wheat bread which she makes into sandwiches that have a range of interesting toppings. An aioli garlic mix, fresh chopped avocados, mayonnaise and hot sauce are the ones that usually go along with the sandwiches.
  • Proteins- Thay are not given a miss and the soccer champ has eggs with bread or a high protein smoothie. Her favorite spread, mayonnaise and cheese also provide plenty of good quality amino acids. She never eats protein alone. It is always eaten in combination with a carbohydrate source.
  • Snacks- She has small snacks in between that replenish her glucose levels and prevent the onset of fatigue. Avocadoes which are rich in good fats are often eaten as a snack.
  • Indulgence Food - Red wine is a luxury that she enjoys very rarely. It helps her unwind and enjoy foods other than the ones that normally are part of her diet. Moderation is the key as a professional soccer player cannot afford to gain weight which can affect performance by reducing stamina.

One has to eat like a champ to be one. Abby Wambach's sound nutrition plan will surely give her an edge this coming Olympics. All we can say is go for the goal Abby!

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Abby Wambach Eats Balanced For Olympics Success