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Star Swimmer Michael Phelps' Diet For The Olympics

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Micheal PhelpsSwimming is an endurance sport that needs a well nourished body for the best results. It is no wonder that Michael Phelps who has won the most number of golds for swimming has a unique diet planned for the Olympics. Nutrition has never been more important for sports as it is being realized more and more that we are what we eat. A look at some sports nutrition diet tips that make Micheal Phelps the champ he is. 





High Calorie Diet For A Swimmer


Swimming requires intense training for a minimum of 6 hours a day and this burns thousands of calories. To make up for the calories that are lost, a high energy diet that is balanced in the amount of  carbohydrates, proteins and fats is required. For the main event, a swimmer has to be well nourished with adequate stores of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and of course water. 


Ideal Diet For A Swimmer






Cereal grains, starchy vegetables, fruits and breads.


Milk and milk products, meat, eggs and lentils


MUFA and PUFA rich vegetable oils, cheese and nuts


Energy drinks and plain water

Vitamins and minerals

Whole fruits and vegetables and their juices.


  • Carbohydrates - They are the most important sources of fuel for the human body to function. They are rich in glucose molecules that are quickly broken down by the enzymes in the mouth and the stomach. Whole cereals, breads and pastas are abundant in good carbohydrates. Nutritionists advice to eat whole and unrefined sources more often as they are rich in water soluble vitamins and plenty of fiber.


  • Proteins- Protein is another component that cannot be ignored as it is needed for muscle growth and sufficient stamina.


  • Fats- They act as a reserve source of energy that the body turns to when it requires more  energy to perform a particular task.  Fats to keep body tissues healthy and absorb vitamins A, D, E and K are plenty as can be seen in the food eaten all though the day. Many essential fatty acids that are not manufactured by the body need to be solely obtained from fatty food sources. Good fats from plant sources such as vegetable oils are encouraged. 


  • Fluids - Fluids are very very important and have the same priority as any of the other mentioned nutrients. Plain water is the best fluid that a sports person should be consuming at regular intervals



Micheal Phelps' Diet Pattern


  • The calories that he intakes need to match the ones that are expended during rigorous swimming. Micheal Phelps consumes a whooping 12,000 calories a day, which is six times as that consumed by an average adult. This is required as swimming depletes the body of roughly 500 calories an hour!


  • Phelps consumes 500 g of pasta each for lunch and dinner which makes up for all the glucose that has been depleted during training sessions. Pizzas are also a favorite and find way in his diet at least once a day. 


  •  Phelps begins his day with a good amount of protein in the form of  3 fried eggs, an omlette and generous amounts of mayonnaise with toast, sandwich and three pancakes. Just the eggs give him approximately 40 g of protein at one go. Some more protein is made part of the day by including 2 sandwiches stuffed with ham and cheese.


  • To make sure that the vitamins, minerals and fiber are not overlooked breakfast is accompanied by tomatoes, onions and lettuce along with a bowl of hgh fiber porridge, that is preferably oatmeal. However they are eaten only once a day. 


12000 calorie diet

  •  Micheal drinks energy drinks that supply at least 1000 k cal all through the day. According to recent reports, the Olympic swimmer consumes 42 cups of plain water at regular intervals during training sessions. This is important to prevent dehydration of body cells which can be fatal in the presence of such a lot of physical activity.


  •  Ham, cheese and mayonnaise are the richest sources of fat in the diet pattern followed by Olympic champ Michael Phelps.

Sandwich with ham

  • Antioxidant fruits and vegetables do not find much of a place in the high carbohydrate and protein diet that is followed by Micheal. Some experts say that this is worrying as his present dietary intake of minerals and protective vitamins may not be sufficient. 


All said, Micheal Phelps' diet by itself is no ordinary feat. And it takes an extraordinary person to eat this way. Hats off to this great achiever and we hope that the gold keeps coming his way!


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Star Swimmer Michael Phelps' Diet For The Olympics