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Supplements For Migraine

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Migraine headache can be really painfulHeadaches which are recurrent intense and extremely painful are usually characterized as a migraine and is thought to be of neurovascular origin. It affects more than 10 million people worldwide with females being more prone to them. There are several supplements which can successfully control this chronic condition whereas medication for ordinary headaches are not always as effective. Keep reading to know more about all such supplements, all of which have proved their efficacy in various placebo controlled drug trials. 


How The Supplements Help 

  • By reducing the frequency of migraine attacks
  • Lessening the severity of the pain. 
  • Shortening the duration of the attack.
  • Helping the patient to relax.


Effective  Supplements:

The supplements that help in migraine may be derived from natural food or can be obtained as a form of OTC dietary supplements. Several vitamins as well as minerals essential for the body belong to this category. 


Vitamins & Minerals



 Riboflavin,  a water soluble vitamin promotes red blood cell synthesis which helps in body growth & energy production apart from preventing migraines.  Vitamin B2 lets the cells  store energy without letting the excitability of the nerve cells to increase. You need to take these vitamin capsules as directed by your physician, depending on your health condition.

Vitamin B2 supplement capsules

  • Magnesium

​About 24 g of Magnesium is present in our body and is vital for proper functioning of the body. Calcium absorption is one of the most important areas where this mineral is essential and ingesting it in the form of food like spices, coffee, nuts, and cereals may be as effective in migraine as taking a magnesium supplement available in the form of tablets and capsules. 

Magnesium tablet offers relief


  • Coenzyme Q10

This is a compound which is effectively involved in energy production of cells. The related research study conducted in 2005, found  that coenzyme Q10 could reduce migraine attacks in 48% of the people tested.  They were put on this supplement 3 times in a day. It is known to boost the energy reserves of the brain which helps in reducing migraine attacks. Typical dosage is 200-300mg on a day, either in a single dose or divided in 3 doses in a day.

Coenzyme Q10 for migraine

Natural Supplements​

This is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which offer relief from frequent migraine attacks and also decreases its duration to a large extent by reducing the inflammation and relaxing the blood vessels. The oil also help in reducing  the activity of the blood platelets which play a role in clotting that leads to migraine. 2-6mg fish oil capsules are usually recommended everyday.

Fish oil capsules for migraine


  • Butterbur:

This is a European shrub which was used for medicinal purposes since  ancient times. It is very effective in decreasing the inflammation of veins – thus, helping in reducing the frequency of attack. These are available in form of capsules or tablets. 50gm tablet s advised 3 times a time for 1 month and then 50gm capsules needs to be taken twice a day. However, young children, pregnant or nursing women and individuals who have kidney or liver disease should not be prescribed butterbur.



  • Feverfew:


This was used as a traditional remedy for headaches, toothaches and fever since ages. It is a flowering plant which belongs to the daisy family and is popular for its anti-migraine properties. It helps in stabilizing the hyperactivity of blood vessels and decreases inflammation. It is also known to interfere with the platelets which cause migraine pain.  125mg per of the capsule is recommended in a day. Individuals suffering from bleeding problems need to check with their doctor before starting the supplement.

Feverfew plant - traditional remedy for headache



All these products are available OTC but it is very important to check with your doctor first, before you start with these supplements. Finding out the underlying cause of migraine is also important and opting for supplements instead of treating the cause is not recommended. 


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Supplements For Migraine