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Supplements for Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder symptoms can reduce with supplementsA long term illness which occurs mainly due to prolonged mental tension, trauma or stress  is known as bipolar disorder. It is one of those ailments which affect 2 out of 50 people in different parts of the world. Many supplements (natural and over the counter) are available to provide relief to the patients. Supplements are available in the form of powdered herbs, capsules and tablets. It is advised to speak to your doctor before starting any such supplement.

How Do The Supplements Help

  • Control mental activity
  • Stabilize the condition by supplying adequate nutrients to the brain. 


Natural Supplements Used:


Fish oils and omega 3 fatty acids:


  • Bipolar disorder is often caused due to a shortage of omega 3 fatty acids. Fish oils are rich in such acids and help the body fulfill its deficiency.  This  oil can be consumed on a regular basis in the form of  softgels which are easily available.

Flaxseed fish oil for bipolar disorder


  • Diet rich in foods which have an abundance of omega 3 fatty acids is highly beneficial for people suffering from bipolar disorder. This is usually found in fish oil, squid oil and also flax seeds. 

Omega 3 fatty acids in form of capsules

Other Nutritional supplements:



Choline supplement:


  • This is a nutrient which is known to convert to phosphatidylcholine that is highly beneficial in case of bipolar disease. Include eggs and seafood in your diet which are also rich in choline.

Choline supplement for bipolar disorder



  • This is usually found in foods with high levels of fat This is known to be very effective in improving memory and brain process. It is very important for normal development of the brain. Include seafood, eggs and beef in your diet to get the benefits of lecithin.




  • This is an amino acid which has antiseizure properties and is very effective in bipolar disorders. These are available in tablet form and the recommended range is 500-1000 mg per day which needs to be divided in 3-4 doses.

Taurine has antiseizure properties



  • This is an amino acid like compound which is very effective in treating bipolar disorder. It offers relief from insomnia, nervous tension and immense anxiety which is characteristic of bipolar disorder. Remember - this should not be taken without consulting your doctor.

Gaba - a Neurotransmitter Amino Acid is good for bipolar disorder

Please remember that the supplements for bipolar disorder should not replace your sessions with your doctor or your therapies. Be wary of the fact that some of them are capable of interfering with the medication trigerring off mania in extreme cases. However, the right combination of supplements taken according to your doctor's advice  may help you to overcome the disease.


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Supplements For Bipolar Disorder