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Supplements for Hyperthyroidism

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Hyperthyroidism and its supplements

A condition in which the thyroid glands become overactive thus increasing the amount of the thyroid hormone in the blood is known as hyperthyroidism. Symptoms of the condition include but are not limited to goiter, heart palpitation, anxiety, muscle cramps, aches, fatigue and heat intolerance. Patients are often recommended supplements for the condition, which help in reducing the symptoms and comfort and relax the body. Both natural and over the counter supplements are prescribed and knowing what works can really come handy.  



There are several natural treatments available for hypothyroidism which includes a number of traditional therapies.


Natural Hyperthyroidism supplements:



This is considered to be one of the best treatments for hyperthyroidism. It is a natural supplement and helps to keep good health. It is also helpful in balancing the various adrenal supplements which arise due to chronic stress.

Ginseng is a natural supplement

  • Bugleweed:


This is a great natural treatment and helps to deal with various kinds of anxiety and heart palpitations.


Over The Counter Supplements:   


  • Iodine:


In case of hyperthrodism, iodine is recommended since it is known to acutely inhibit hormonal secretion in just a few hours. This is considered to be the most important effect of iodine on thyroid.


  • Vitamin D:


Vitamin D supplements are very effective and help in boosting immune system. These provide relief from several hyperthyroidism problems and help the body to cope against diseases and infections. Just 2 tablest of vitamin D is prescribed to patients for immediate results.

Vitamin D supplements

  • Selenium:


Research has revealed that a selenium deficiency can cause hypothyroidism. The main source of this mineral is Brazil nuts which is very effective in boosting the immunity system.



Small doses of magnesium in the form of pills or through diet such as full of raw seeds can provide relief from hypothyroidism.



A good dose of omega 3 fatty acids helps in balancing the levels of thyroid hormone level in blood which can cause throtoxicosis and similar symptoms.

Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids

You can recommend these supplements to people you may know who are suffering from such conditions and help them get a healthier life.



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Supplements For Hyperthyroidism