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Supplements For Insulin Resistance

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Cinnamon - very effective in insulin resistanceA condition when the body cells stop responding efficiently to insulin is commonly known as insulin resistance, which affects millions of diabetics around the globe. Supplements for insulin resistance are an effective way to decrease insulin resistance and helps the body achieve lower blood sugar levels and keep it normal.  However, before using any of the supplements, it is better to get in touch with your doctor.


Natural supplements:


  • Fenugreek:


You must have used fenugreek in different curry blends. It is available in dried  form  and successfuly used to normalize the levels of blood sugar effective. Fenugreek seed powder is recommended in small doses - it is ideal to have 100g of fenugreek powder for 10 days which helps tremendously in decreasing fasting blood glucose levels.

Fenugreek seeds for use



This is a great supplement which has antioxidant polyphenol compounds which help in increasing insulin insensitivity. It is also beneficial for people who have good glucose tolerance. You just need to take cinnamon as a part of your diet on a daily basis for best results.



  • Bitter Melon:


As per the researchers at Study of Botanicals and Metabolic Syndrome, Louisiana, bitter melon ( common Asian vegetable) is very effective in blood sugar management and improved insulin resistance. In a study carried on these bitter melon supplements successfully increased the glucose transport in the muscle cells and slowly improved the insulin insensitivity which results in weight loss and then stabilizes blood sugar.

Bitter melon can stabilize blood sugar


Over The Counter Supplement:


  • Vanadium:

As per a recent study, this trace mineral is proved to decrease insulin resistance in patients . In a recent study it has been found that vanadium successfuly increased the glucose uptake of fat cells by at least 5 times. It is also responsible for release of fatty acids by at least 78%. This implies that vanadium is a good supplement for managing insulin resistance for many people. This report was published in "Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry." These can be found in capsule form mainly.

Supplements for insulin resistance


You no longer have to worry with such insulin resistance, since you are aware about the supplements! Share with your friends and relatives – have a healthy life together.


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Supplements For Insulin Resistance