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Supplements For Hot Flashes

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Hot flashes - get relief with supplementsThree  out of  four women experience hot flashes during menopause which is considered to be a part of hormonal changes, the female body undergoes between 50-55 years. There are many treatments available along with several supplements which can reduce the effects of such discomfort faced by women mainly in the form of excessive warmth throughout the body. Treatment is necessary only if the botheration starts effecting normal life but the supplements  can be taken any time during the period.


Natural Hot flashes supplements:


  • Black cohosh plant root:


This is available in liquid extracts mainly. Women all over US and Europe use black cohosh for the treatment of hot flashes.


  • Red Clover and soy:


Red clover and soy are quite like extrogen and isoflavones and are very effective in reducing the effects of hot flashes. Research has revealed that women who consume around 30-60 gm of soy everyday are known to have less intense hot flashes. Moreover, soy based foods are generally good for overall health of women too, especially at that age.

Soy helps in reducing intensity of hot flashes

  • Evening Primrose:


Considered to be very effective as a hot flash remedy - buy it in its dried form or as oil.

Oil from evening primerose is very effective

OTC Supplements:


  • Vitamin C and E:


Vitamins are always considered to be good for health. Vitamin E and C are known to offer relief from hot flashes. It is easily available in a number of citrus fruits which includes cucumber, broccoli and red pepper. Vitamin E is easily available in vegetable oils, plenty of green leafy vegetables, eggs, sweet potatoes, avocadoes nuts and liver. You can buy Vitamin C and E capsules also.

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins


  • Magnesium:


One of those few minerals which is easily available in a number of foods. Magnesium can be found in nuts, grains, tofu, potatoes, cocoa powder, chocolate and green leafy vegetables. Regular consumption of magnesium supplements  in  the form of capsules are known to effectively reduce the symptoms, severity and frequency of such hot flashes.

Green leafy vegetables are rich in magnesium

If you know anyone suffering or you are looking for some good supplements, check out the above options, you are sure to get relief.


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Supplements For Hot Flashes