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Carol Alt’s Take On Raw Food Diet

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Carol Alt 1When supermodel Carol Alt writes a book on raw food diet, you can hardly ignore her advice, especially when the supermodel, at 51 years of age, looks as radiant as ever. Then you feel, that there must be some truth to her claims so why not give it a try. Well, before you embark on the diet, read more about the book and what it recommends.



1) “Easy Sexy Raw”


That is the title of Carol Alt’s third cookbook in two years and if it is suggestive enough, rest assured that the recipes included in the book are worth trying for, at least once. After that you shall be hooked on to them. After enjoying the benefits of raw food diet herself, she embarked upon this third cookbook to show you how easy it was to turn to raw food diet. The book talks of shopping for this diet, along with the details of the kind of food that should always be kept handy like fresh produce, meats, cured fish, and nuts. Another good thing about the book is that it clarifies how you can even ‘cook’ raw food, unlike the popular perception. However, it teaches you how not to cook the food beyond 115-degrees Fahrenheit to maintain it raw character. The book has 130 recipes including those of noodles, mocktails, and desserts. Recipes featured in the book also include ready-to-blend drinks, pesto pasta with zucchini noodles, etc. Besides, Alt also offers dietary advice to the readers, claiming that “there’s so much variation” in raw food diet. The highlight of the book, however, remains the section, “Turn It Raw” which teaches you how to convert your favorite dishes like chocolate chip cookies or cheesecake into raw form.



2) Personal Experience Carol Alt 2


It would not be wrong to say that Carol took lesson from her personal experience to turn towards raw food diet and then sharing her experience with the world. Due to her dietary habits at that time, she was suffering from headaches, stomach issues, and fatigue. In her own words, “I was gaining weight and starting to look old at 34.” The turning point in her life came 20 years ago when, during a photo shoot, she was almost thrown off the sets because of her unhealthy diet. The production crew told her that she was “not in bathing suit condition” and even called over her management team. She felt so embarrassed that she wanted to change her diet, and thus, her life. Her obsession with the raw extends into skincare products as well. She has her own line of skincare products, which she calls, “Raw Essentials By Carol Alt.”



3) Why Raw Food Diet?


Carol Alt 3Carol seems to have become an expert of sorts on the raw food diet. You would agree too once you read what she has to say about the diet. Carol says, “People are hungry because their food isn’t nutritious. Because raw food is so nutritionally dense, you eat it and it’ll feed your body. Take it from someone who has been through health issues, it doesn’t matter if you’re the number one model in the world or you’re a mechanic working on somebody’s car, this is the best defense we have.” Carol also runs a website, on which she shares her experiences in daily life with raw food. It was a health expert who advised her to adopt this diet. At first, she could not believe that somebody was telling her to eat, despite the fact that models are often advised not to eat. However, gradually she was won over. In her own words, “He (health expert) wanted me to eat specific foods: raw vegetables, cold-pressed oils, evaporated sea salt, seared fish, fresh fruits – with no restrictions on the amount. All I could think was ‘This man wants me to eat. This is the most freeing moment in my life!’”


Raw food diet has a lot of benefits for your body and one of them is that it cleanses your body from inside, not only ridding your body of toxins and the diseases, but also giving your face and skin a healthy glow. In case you are inspired enough by Carol’s story, here are some raw food diet recipes for you to start with.


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Carol Alt’s Take On Raw Food Diet