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Liz Hurley’s Secrets for Looking Good Revealed

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Liz Hurley

Celebrity Liz Hurley seems to be in the news always for some reason or other. Her marriage, breakups, cooking prowess and dating incidents are all eagerly lapped up by her countless fans worldwide and not without reason. But what about her super hot figure, that continues to wow us? Well, Liz does admit to getting tired of looking oh-so-perfect for her photo shoots all the time. She describes herself rather colorfully as the “Wild Woman Of Wonga” when she finds it particularly tiring to stick to her diet and beauty regimen. Yet she manages to remain one of the most hot women with a sexy, lithe body that she displays with equal abandon. Let us find out how she manages to do so…

Liz Hurley’s Diet Tips For Looking Good

  • Water

She gulps down a large glass of warm water, first thing in the morning. She is candid enough to admit that “It tastes fairly disgusting.” Yet it does wonders for the digestive system and she swears by it. You will also never catch her without a bottle of water in her bag. It does help to eliminate the bodily toxins and help the skin to retain its glow. Plus it staves away those hunger pangs, she lets us know. Just go for a sip when you are craving for a hotdog or a gooey chocolate cake and all will be well with your health.

  • Soup

Liz has no qualms about heading straight for the kitchen when it comes to satiating her hunger either. While not quite a gourmet cook, she does manage to add diced potatoes, onions and chicken stock along with large bunches of watercress ad boil them together. It makes the most appetizing, green colored soup ever. A great way to stay full and satiated indeed! Liz is careful to store a good amount of this vitamin rich soup in her refrigerator and ensures that she gets to drink at least 6 cups of it daily when on a diet.

  • Less Is Best

Eat less and you will be blessed with washboard abs says the English celeb. Hurley does manage to keep away from pasta, cheese, breads and fried foods when she is away on photo shoots. Bacon flavored smokey crisps are her only weakness which she successfully manages to overcome and live the life of a saint as far as food is concerned. Trying to lose weight by eating fruits is a big no-no for her though. She feels that the acidic content will make her stomach bloat and attaining the flat abdomen will seem like a remote dream if she tries it. Brown rice, fish and lots and lots of veggies are what she recommends instead.

No wonder Liz looks gorgeous at every photo shoot! Do keep her tips in mind and achieve the hot-bod replete with washboard abs yourself. Good Luck!

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Liz Hurley’s Secrets For Looking Good Revealed