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Side Effects Of Proline

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Proline pillA vital non essential amino acid (since it is manufactured by the body) that is required to form protein molecules is proline. Many individuals using it as one of the supplements for fatigue are at a high risk of developing side effects due to the concentrated doses of this amino acid in them. Only hospitalized patients who have poor dietary intakes or long term illness may require this supplementation. For the remaining healthy population a protein rich diet containing poultry, meat and dairy will supply sufficient proline. The possible harmful effects that proline supplementation can have when taken in excess are as follows.

Negative Effects Of Proline Supplements

  • Low Blood Pressure- A fall in blood pressure has been reported by many who have used proline supplements. This makes it mandatory for people who are using anti hypertensive medications to avoid the high intake of this amino acid from synthetic sources.

  • Nerve Disorders- The intake of proline should be restricted for individuals who are suffering from a genetic disorder called hyperprolinemia. In this condition, the proline amino acid is retained in the body and it causes seizures, convulsions and impaired mental growth. Proline supplementation is strictly restricted in such cases.

  • Gastric Trouble- Too much proline means high fermentation rates of this amino acid in the intestines. Bacteria break it down and release large amount of gases causing abdominal pain and bloating. In some people nausea and vomiting is also seen.

  • Allergic reaction – The formation of hives (itchy red eruptions on the skin), wheezing, breathing difficulties and chest tightness are common symptoms of an allergic reaction to proline. Such susceptible individuals should always read labels to identify possible triggers.

Take care while using proline supplements so that you can safeguard your health and well being. Your doctor will recommend the use of this amino acid only if blood tests have indicated low protein levels. Until then, follow a protein diet menu to meet all your proline needs.

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Side Effects Of Proline