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Side Effects Of Ornithine

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Ornithine supplementMany lab manufactured drugs and protein powders contain ornithine, an amino acid that is needed to form proteins. The risk of side effects from the use of such supplements is high as they contain amino acids in amounts that the body finds difficult to store and use. Any individual who is eating sufficient dairy, meat and eggs is supplying his or her body with sufficient amount of ornithine. Excess intake of this supplement for weight training and muscle strength becomes dangerous for health. The impact that this has on the body is explored briefly in the blog below.

Negative Effects Of Ornithine Supplementation

  • Gastrointestinal Problems- The intake of too much amino acid will result in increased fermentation by bacteria in the intestines. This produces flatulence and causes abdominal distress. Diarrhea is also a common symptom and improvement is seen only after discontinuing the use of the supplement.

  • Hormonal Imbalance- Ornithine when taken in excess can increase the secretion of growth hormone. This unnatural rise in hormone levels can cause accelerated growth of facial bones and pain and inflammation of joints.

  • Increased Blood Sugar Levels- Amino acids that the body is unable to use, is broken down and converted to glucose. A sharp increase in blood sugar levels has been reported in diabetics who take high doses of ornithine. Protein food for diabetics are a better option and ornithine supplement should be used with great caution.

  • Stress On Liver And Kidneys- These organs are important as they regulate the amount of proteins manufactured and broken down by the body. Unwanted supplementation can increase the burden on the liver and kidney and eventually lead to damage.

  • High Blood Pressure – The unregulated use of this amino acid can cause blood pressure levels to rise well above normal. This is especially dangerous for the elderly, pregnant women and hypertensive patients. This group of individuals should not take any protein supplement without their doctor's approval.

Hopefully this blog is an eye opener about the dangers of unsupervised ornithine use. To prevent such problems read labels and do not get into the habit of self medication.

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Side Effects Of Ornithine