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Side Effects Of Leucine

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leucine supplementsAn overdose of the important amino acid leucine can cause potentially hazardous side effects which are best avoided. This amino acid contributes to glucose production in the body cells as well as growth and repair of muscles. It is not manufactured by the body and needs to be supplied via the diet from food sources like soya, beef, peanuts, fish and lentils. It is unlikely that leucine toxicity can occur from dietary sources but this likelihood increases from the use of supplements for nutrition  or body building. This is due to the fact that these artificially manufactured supplements contain leucine in much higher concentrations, than available in nature. The problems that are associated with the intake of large amounts of leucine are described below.


Negative Effects Of Leucine Overdose


  • Low Blood Sugar Levels – This can occur on unregulated use of leucine and causes blood sugar levels to dip dangerously low. The symptoms like sweating, tremors in the hands, dizziness and loss of consciousness are reported. In severe cases it can lead to coma and death. Immediate hospitalization is needed.


  • Pellagra- This is a condition caused by the deficiency of the vitamin niacin in the body. Too much leucine can drastically reduce niacin levels and cause a serious deficiency. Depression, dementia and loose stools are the symptoms of pellagra.


  • Allergy- This amino acid is often the cause of allergies in certain sensitive individuals. When ingested it can cause hives, problems with breathing, tightness in the chest and inflammation of the airways. Contact a doctor without delay.


  • Liver Problems- In individuals already suffering from liver conditions, the use of leucine can further worsen problems and interfere with the maintenance of optimal liver function. It is better to avoid unwanted supplementation in such conditions.


  • Kidney Function- The main function of the kidney is to remove wastes from the body. If the kidney is malfunctioning, leucine supplementation adds on to the burden and can cause the accumulation of harmful substances like ammonia in the blood. In severe cases it can be fatal.


Even though leucine tops the best protein supplements list,it leads to many problems on unsupervised use. Always take a doctors opinion before you begin using  this supplement.  


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Side Effects Of Leucine