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Side Effects of Methionine

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Essential amino acids are those vital nutrients that are not manufactured by the human body but need to be provided by way of diet.

Methionine supplementAn extremely vital amino acid that belongs to this category and needs to be provided in the diet is methionine. There are several over-the-counter supplements containing this amino acid that can have unwanted side effects on unsupervised use. For healthy disease free individuals, a diet that contains eggs, meat and Brazil nuts is sufficient to maintain good levels of methionine in the body. The important functions of this amino acid include prevention of diseases as it is a powerful antioxidant and immune power booster. Side effects of protein powder containing methionine can sometimes occur when it is taken in excess amounts. These undesirable effects are listed below.

Negative Effects Of Excess Methionine

  • Atherosclerosis- This indicates the narrowing and hardening of the arteries due to fat and mineral deposits and is the most common cause of heart attacks. The use of methionine increases the levels of a compound called homocysteine which is known to accelerate atherosclerosis and raise the risk of heart disease.

  • Acidosis –It is a condition where the body is unable to maintain the right levels of acids in the blood. Too much methionine increases acidity and should be avoided.

  • Dangerous In Schizophrenia- Those who are suffer from the mood disorder called schizophrenia, should not use methionine supplements. This is important and needs to be followed in order to avoid symptoms like confusion, memory loss and anxiety that this amino acid can cause.

  • Allergic Symptoms- Itching and redness of skin, swelling and flushing of face and tongue are the classic ways that the body reacts to allergens. Certain individuals may develop these symptoms if they are sensitive to methionine and hence must always read the labels to prevent accidental intake.

  • Drug Interaction- Levadopa is a drug that is prescribed for Parkinson's disease and can improve movement and coordination in such people. The use of methionine inhibits the absorption of this drug and can cause serious complications.

Seemingly harmless amino acids like methionine can have dangerous side effects if not used with care. If you want to go lean with proteins, opt for natural sources. Use supplements sparingly and only when prescribed by the doctor.

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Side Effects Of Methionine