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Side Effects Of Aspartic Acid

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Aspartic acidOne of the major amino acids needed for protein synthesis and present in the artificial sweetener aspartame, is aspartic acid. It can have toxic side effects if taken in quantities that exceed the body's requirement. This mainly occurs when it is obtained from artificial sources like drugs, sweeteners and protein supplements. While it is also found in certain processed meats and vegetables mainly asparagus and beets, the body is able to manufacture it on its own too. This means that aspartic acid is a non essential amino acid as it does not need to be obtained from the diet or an external source. Some side effects resulting from an overdose of this amino acid are given in brief below.


Negative Effects Of Aspartic Acid


  • Nerve Disorder- Regular use of the supplement under unsupervised conditions can lead to increased activity of nerve receptors causing a lack of coordination in impulses to and from the brain. This can increase the severity of seizures and worsen symptoms in conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, making it difficult to treat and control.


  • Increased Headaches- Aspartic acid tops the list of migraine foods to avoid. Throbbing headaches are seen when there is an overdose of aspartame based sweeteners which is widely found in many processed foods. To prevent this, it is better to use natural sweeteners like honey which are free from such side effects.


  • High Retention Of Alcohol- When alcoholic drinks are sweetened with aspartame, it results in slower removal of alcohol from the body and higher levels in blood. This is dangerous as it causes lack of attention, disorientation, and slower reflexes.


  • Vomiting- Nausea and vomiting are common when there are high levels of aspartic acid in the blood. This is normalized when the supplementation is stopped.


  • Kidney Damage- This can occur in serious cases when the intake of the amino acid far exceeds the threshold that the body can tolerate. This has a direct effect on the kidney which has to overwork to remove the excess proteins. Kidney patients have to be extra cautious while taking this particular supplementation.


It is important to know how to identify artificial sweeteners. Make it a habit to read the labels properly in order to prevent side effects of aspartic acid use. Timely consultation with a doctor is also mandatory when the above symptoms surface.


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Side Effects Of Aspartic Acid