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DWTS Finalist Katherine Jenkins Diets On Chocolate & Chips!

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DWTS Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins, tipped as the favorite to win this year’s “Dancing With the Stars” finale is indeed showing promise. She topped the scores just before the final outcome with her dance style being praised as “technically brilliant” as well as being called a “complete dance performance. “

An opera singer by profession, Katherine has worked hard to get to the top. However, the Welsh girl has a few regrets as well. She has dieted and worked out in order to put up with the strenuous dancing sessions and is now less than size 6 as per the British standards. Although she’s feeling much more energetic and is all muscles, she laments losing her feminine curves and hopes to get them back once DWTS is behind her.

Chocolates and cakes

Jenkins has already started eating though with chocolate and chips topping her list of ‘must eats’ on the menu. Add to that a generous helping of pizzas, and ice-creams replete with the rich, sinfully decadent chocolate cake oozing with high calorie delights and you have the 31 year old dancing star’s latest diet down to a pat.

Her mom is getting ready to welcome her star daughter home too and no guesses for the menu mama Jenkins is planning on . Its bound to be a fattening one alright right down to the fatty trappings that come with a mouthwatering roast . The humble beans on toast is what Katherine misses too and she admits that, 'To be honest, I haven't weighed myself, but I have dropped several dress sizes,' she said.

Hopefully, she’ll get back her exquisite curves once her dancing days and a punishing schedule of training for 12 hours a day are over. She had managed to lose 21 pounds and is now eager to pile them back on. We sure hope that she will be able to do that once she goes on a regimen of “sugar & spice and all things nice.” Here’s wishing her luck for the DWTS final today.

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DWTS Finalist Katherine Jenkins Diets On Chocolate & Chips!