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Side Effects Of Tryptophan

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Tryptophan supplementThe amino acid tryptophan is commonly available as a dietary supplement and drug as it is an essential amino acid that cannot be made by the body. When this is done without a doctor's approval it is not uncommon for side effects ranging from mild to severe to occur. Tryptophan is one of the most commonly used supplements for insomnia and this is when most people overdose in their effort to get a good night's sleep. Unless prescribed by a doctor, one does not need any external source of this amino acid as it can be obtained easily from chocolates, meat, eggs, oil seeds and dairy. Unfortunately mis-marketing of supplements is a reality and the side effects of overuse are on the rise. Some of them are listed below for reference.


Negative Effects Of Tryptophan Overdose


  • Eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS)- The symptoms of this condition are inflammation of joints and connective tissues, fatigue, hair loss and skin irritation. It also effects vital organs like the heart, kidney and liver and can ultimately lead to death. This can be avoided by the careful use of tryptophan supplements.


  • Allergy- Many have complained of difficulty in breathing, dizziness, skin rashes and swelling of the face and throat as an allergic manifestation due to tryptophan intake. This should be reported to a doctor immediately and the use discontinued.


  • Interaction With Sedatives- These drugs are usually given to induce sleep, using tryptophan along with them causes more sleepiness which can be very dangerous as it may lead to coma.


  • Interaction With Antidepressant Drugs- These drugs work by increasing the levels of a chemical called serotonin in the brain. Tryptophan also serves this same purpose and the combination results in extremely high levels of serotonin which causes heart troubles and increases irritation and anxiety.


  • Gastrointestinal Symptoms- Vomiting, nausea and diarrhea are seen when an excess of the amino acid is ingested in the form of a supplement. The right dose should be followed to prevent this.


Hopefully this blog has reinforced that anything that is artificial can be very dangerous. How to get a restful sleep from healthy eating is now answered as we do not need to depend on tryptophan supplement for well-being.


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Side Effects Of Tryptophan