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Side Effects Of Cysteine

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Cysteine supplementFound in an abundance of high protein foods like dairy and meat as well as vegetables like onions and garlic, cysteine is an amino acid that is needed for optimal body function in children and the elderly. In healthy adults, cysteine is produced by the body and like all amino acids can cause side effects if taken in huge quantities. Overdose from dietary supplements that are sold as the perfect pills for health is the most common way of ingesting dangerous amounts of cysteine. In this blog we will discuss the side effects and various interactions of cysteine that everyone needs to be aware of. Read on to know more.

Negative Effects Of Cysteine Overdose

  • Interaction with Nitroglycerine- This drug is used to dilate blood vessels so that there is increased oxygen supply to the body. The use of cysteine along with this heightens the above effect and can cause giddiness and headache.

  • Worsening Of Asthma- If an individual suffering from asthma accidentally inhales this protein powder, it can cause obstruction in the lung and cause an increase in breathing difficulties, chest pain and tightness.

  • Low Blood Pressure- Unregulated use of cysteine supplements can result in blood pressure levels dropping dangerously low, causing one to faint.

  • Allergic Reaction- Cysteine from supplements can be a potential allergen in certain sensitive individuals. Its use can lead to the formation of hives on the skin, swelling and flushing of the face and inflamed airways that can cause breathing difficulties.

  • Gastrointestinal Problems- These include diarrhea, constipation, nausea and vomiting which lasts for a few hours after overdose. Drinking sufficient amount of fluids can help prevent dehydration.

These side effects are preventable if cysteine supplements for nutrition are used with caution, that too when absolutely essential. Talk to your health care provider before you begin the use of any such dietary supplement.

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Side Effects Of Cysteine