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Side Effects Of Alanine

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Body BuilderA non essential amino acid that the body can manufacture on its own is alanine. Side effects of this amino acid are a possibility due to its overconsumption in the form of dietary supplements for weight lifting. It is safe to consume alanine from dietary components such as meat and dairy products that are its natural sources. Supplements have a high concentration of the amino acid which the body finds extremely difficult to metabolize and retains it in toxic levels. Even though alanine is useful in regulating blood glucose and lipid levels, certain side effects are better avoided. Read on know more.


Negative Effects Of Alanine Overuse


  • Skin Problems- Taking more than 40 mg of alanine per kg body weight causes itching, redness and tingling of the skin. This is seen within 30 minutes of using the supplement. Its use should be discontinued after noticing such symptoms.


  • Allergies- In individuals who are allergic to this amino acid, flushing and swelling of the facial skin and breathing difficulty have been reported. Reading labels will help to avoid such reactions.


  • Strain On Kidney- For people who already have a compromised kidney function, excess alanine increases the protein load on the cells of the kidney. This can aggravate the existing condition and damage the kidneys.


  • High Blood Sugars- If a diabetic consumes too much alanine it results in increased glucose levels in the blood which can give rise to many complications. If this happens regularly, it can damage vital organs like the heart, eyes and kidneys.


  • Pregnancy And Lactation- Though there are not many studies, alanine supplements should be avoided during this period to prevent any harm to the mother and infant as it may effect fetal growth negatively.


As can be seen, the use of supplements come with their own risks. Alanine deficiency is not known in humans, so the need for supplementation does not arise. However it is considered by body builders as one of the best protein powders for lean muscle and should always be used under medical supervision.


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Side Effects Of Alanine