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Side Effects Of Tyrosine

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Many Supplements in an appleamino acids are needed to form protein molecules that are vital for health and well-being. Tyrosine is one such amino acid that the body makes, which can unfortunately cause side effects if an excess is consumed in the supplement form. Protein rich foods like dairy, meat, eggs and soy are the richest dietary sources of this amino acid, which ensures that normal healthy individuals are unlikely to be deficient in tyrosine. Accidental overdose is a possibility as this amino acid is one of the most common supplements for stress. To understand this, the various side effects of tyrosine are listed below.


Negative Effects Of Tyrosine Overdose


  • Interaction with Levadopa- For individuals who are suffering from mood disorders, levadopa is the drug most commonly prescribed. When tyrosine is taken along with this, it reduces the absorption of levadopa, making it less effective for treatment.


  • Interaction with Thyroid Hormone- Tyrosine interacts negatively with thyroid hormone and causes an imbalance of its levels in the body. To prevent this, it is important to contact your doctor before beginning any supplementation.


  • Migraine- Unsupervised use of this amino acid can cause throbbing headache and nausea which is the most commonly reported symptom. The reason could be sudden changes in blood pressure due to high amounts of tyrosine in the blood.


  • Skin Problems- These may include the formation of red and itchy protrusions on the skin as well as swelling in certain areas. Individuals who are allergic to tyrosine will typically react in this manner.


  • Joint Pain- This is one of the first signs of overdose, which can affect any joint in the body. Redness and inflammation of joints reduces when intake of tyrosine is stopped.


The quantity of protein you need can be ascertained by your health care provider. Use tyrosine supplements only when it is prescribed by a doctor as this amino acid is usually recommended in critical and long-term illness. Read the labels and warnings to prevent unwanted side effects.


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Side Effects Of Tyrosine